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Let's get personal ~

Recently I haven't been blogging much again... school started and I've kept myself busy with studying and sleeping when I'm at home. It's really relaxing being finally able to concentrate completely on my studies without having a 50% and later even 80% part-time job!
But despite having so much time only to study and for hobbies I feel like I'm not taking care of myself properly... I'm still stressed, I'm still not satisfied and I have so much past clutter in my mind.

So I decided to write up these 11 tasks/habits I want to work on until November 11th. 
I hope to be able to solve as many past problems and feel healthy and fit.

start blogging regularly again! (means posting 2x week)
❤ study for school like there's no tomorrow
❤ let go of past struggles or commitments that keep tormenting me
❤ complete Gala Darling's Radical Self Love Bootcamp
 start either meditating or doing yoga / mornings & evenings
 learn to keep my room clean and tidy
❤ keep a daily gratitude list
❤ sing every day for at least 15 minutes
 try not to complain for 1 week straight
❤ drink 1 litre of water every day
❤ publish most of my draft posts

I marked some hearts golden because these are the most important resolutions for me:
 Even though I should lead a simple life as a student I still keep many past issues I have in my mind because I'm such a procrastinator - I want to finally be able to let go of these thoughts or solve these problems and forget about them! I also have so many draft posts that are waiting to be posted and it really bothers me that I'm such a lazy blogger... -.-'
 Another issue is my messy room - I keep losing stuff and it stresses me out completely! >.< I think that clutter can hinder our mind to find calmness so I try to make and keep my room an eye-candy.
 The last thing is really important to me - I'm a notoric nagger, this doesn't affect my blogging topics but in real life (and specially my boyfriend is concerned) I'm terrible! I start every morning thinking stuff like "oh no... I have to get up, it's sooo cold and soo early and I'm pissed. I don't wanna go to school... the weather is horrible and blablabla" you can imagine how nerve-racking that must be for my poor boyfriend... I really want to cultivate an appreciative heart and enjoy life to its fullest!

❤ What are habits you are trying to implement? 
❤ What are your secrets to keep yourself healthy and fit?