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October in a nutshell ~


  •  Lolita Afternoon Tea  @Miyuko's  (& being able to meet so many cool Swiss and German Lolitas!
  • + meeting other two Swiss bloggers : Miho-chan & Neko-chan
  • Starting Gala Darling's Radical Self Love Bootcamp and improving my life little by little
  • finally meeting my Knudis (my 4 girl-friends) again ~
  • studying to the soundtrack of Spirited Away... it's inspiring music and I really enjoy it!
  • successfully co-organizing new Korean classes at my university! (more Korean learning posts to come!)

and some Coco cuteness...

Currently -ing

❤ food: the self-made curry of laogong
❤ clothes: many different coats please!  It's suddenly gotten so cold!
❤ activity: The Radical Self Love Bootcamp ☆ (by Gala Darling
❤ movie: Spirited Away by Studio Ghibli (I rewatched and reloved it! ♥ )
❤ tv drama: 美男ですね ~ the Japanese version of 미남이시네요 ("You're Beautiful")
❤ book: "The 4-Hour Workweek" by Tim Ferriss (this book captured me till the end!)
❤ iphone app: Hipstamatic (I even created a folder which collects all photos taken in Asia and another with cats XD)

a doodle from my Statistics class for laogong

the sun shining beautifully & my shimmering love messages

Plans for November 2011

 November : Month of Appreciation (find something to be of grateful every day) ♥
☽ 11.11.11 ~ Review my resolutions and implement the new habits
 Celebrating both (U.S.) Thanksgiving and my birthday on the same day! (with a turkey XD)


How was your October?

Happy Halloween to everyone who celebrates it!