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Thanksgiving & Birthday ~

As some of you already know yesterday was my 24th birthday. Since it just happened to also be Thanksgiving I had the plan of hosting a small Thanksgiving dinner complete with a roasted turkey.

So... I asked laogong to procure a turkey and he ordered one from the butcher telling me that he'd chosen the smallest one. When we got it I was quite impressed: That animal weighed 5.5 kilograms! ヒイィィィ!!!!(゚ロ゚ノ)ノ 

I spend the whole morning youtubing good turkey cooking recipes and then the whole afternoon cooking the turkey in the oven. I invited 3 of my closest friends (unfortunately one of them couldn't make it T.T)
and my brother, so it was an informal and small event.
My brother arrived pretty early and spend the time playing PS3 with laogong. When my first friend arrived the turkey was still cooking and we just hung around in the kitchen youtubing turkey gravy and side dishes recipes...

My other friend announced that she'd come pretty late and we shouldn't wait for her so I prepared everything and just when I wanted to start carving the turkey she arrived! Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ!w 
So she was lucky enough to be part of the carving procedure and start eating with us all. ^^

After the Thanksgiving turkey we took a small break, ate a bit of chocolate and finally laogong showed us the raspberry cake he'd ordered for me... YUMMY max! Σ(●゚д゚●) 

After cake my brother had to return home, the girls and I sang a bit karaoke and danced so silly Disney videos. (Finally laogong knows why I'm so childish and silly - and that I'm not the only one♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪ランラン
...and I got some really small and nice presents, my friends know me so well I'm touched.
All in all we were really stuffed and had a pleasant evening, I'm satisfied. But I'll stay 19 at heart.

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12 before 2012 ~

I'm back and I have to say thank you so much to everyone who joined my giveaway! I was really touched by the response! ;_;  Now I will finally reveal the lucky winner of the (small) giveaway:

Georgiana Zecheru 
You lucky girl you! 
I already contacted you asking for your home address and I'll ship your prize next week!  
To everyone else: Don't be sad, I'm planning another great (great, great) giveaway in December! 
I'm sure you'll love it!!   ♥ ♥ 
Now on to another topic! I already mentioned that I wanted to join the 12 before '12 challenge and so I spend the last few days thinking about 12 goals I want to achieve until the end of 2011.
So here they are:  
Prepare my happiness project for 2012 little by little 
✐ Study well and pass all my exams in December
✐ Don't take any struggles/remorses/hardships from the 2011 to 2012: to a fresh and brilliant start into 2012!✨
✐ Blog challenge 1: Reach 450 followers
✐ Blog challenge 2: Finish publishing my China/Korea 2011 travel diary drafts
yay!!  Kitchen challenge 1: Prepare a filled thanksgiving turkey on my birthday!  (thanksgiving = my birthday)
✐ Kitchen challenge 2: bake christmas cookies from scratch (don't know which yet)
✐ Love challenge 1: Stop nagging at my boyfriend!
✐ Love challenge 2: follow through with the Advent calendar for my boyfriend 
     (I write/draw a small note (can be a picture, coupon, surprise) each day and put it in this 'calendar')
✐ Declutter challenge 1: Sell/give away all my old Manga I don't want to keep anymore
✐ Declutter challenge 2: Sell/give away all old clothes I don't use anymore
✐ Pursue my new habits:  keep room tidy , drink 1 litre of water/day , sing 15min/day ...
(This isn't really a "goal" but a resolution that's why I listed it last ^_^' )

When I started writing the list I thought it'd be hard to come up with 12 goals but while writing I found it hard to actually stick to only 12 goalsBut I guess most of my goals would be better defined as 'keeping my resolutions' so they don't really count as goals/items I can tick off the list on 1.1.2012. ☐☑☒

Friends doing the 12 before '12 challenge:
 ♥ Leaa from Cassis Roses
 ♥ Sara Mari from Moments like Diamonds
 ♥ Marie Lo from A bag full of sweet delights
 ♥ Piperita Patty from Stylebunny

~ let me know if you want me to list you here ~  

What are your goals till the end of the year? 
Or are you waiting for 2012 to make new resolutions?
 ✨   ✨   ✨ 

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K-Pop Festival Music Bank in Paris ~

I knew about this an upcoming "K-Pop Event in Europe" but when I found out about the location (Paris, at least it's not too far!) and the date (February- just during semester break!) I decided that I needed one ticket in my life! (I consider it an early birthday present to myself)
So... I did the hard work of convincing my boyfriend that we must go to Paris exactly during that time and go to this K-Pop event! <3 

Since we planned to go to Paris some day anyway (we even booked tickets and prepared for a romantic weekend getaway once and then missed (or better said: overslept) the flight... arrrgh!!!ԅ(¯﹃¯ԅ)''') so it wasn't too hard to convince him to go next February.

So... we'll most likely go for 4 days (I haven't booked flight/hostel yet, my first priority were the concert tickets... ^^') and I hope to also stop by the "Baby The Stars Shine Bright" store ^^ 
(of course I'll write about this Paris-trip here)

What places are a must-visit in Paris?

*hyperventilating* we got balcony tickets for the second festival day... and I'm SO hyper right now!!
I'm super looking forward to 2PM, BEAST and SHINee... actually I kinda regret that instead of DBSK (like at this year's Music Bank in Tokyo) SNSD will attend the festival (as Top-Band). 
I was a big fan of DBSK but am not really inclined to SNSD... well... I still have 3 months to get to like them.. and who knows, I might really enjoy their live performance?

If it's nearly as good as Music Bank in Tokyo then I'm sure we'll have a blast!

Wanna see the Music Bank in Tokyo event?
⇊ ⇊ ⇊ ⇊ ⇊

Which of the bands that will attend is your personal favorite? 

And what MVs from which bands do you consider basic knowledge for every new hallyu wave Kpop fan? (I'm really curious since I'm more knowledgeable about the old hallyu wave ~  you know,  like Shinhwa, DBSK, BoA, Big Bang, F.T. Island...)

...read the news that there will be a special K-Pop Channel on youtube? ô_ô

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Happy Pepero Day ~

This Pepero Day is super special since there aren't just 4 but 6 Peperos in a row! ^^

Pepero Day is an observance in South Korea similar to Valentine's Day. 
It is named after the Korean snack Pepero and held on November 11, since the date "11/11" resembles four sticks of Pepero. The holiday is observed mostly by young people and couples, who exchange Pepero sticks, other candies, and romantic gifts. Lotte denies starting the holiday and instead states that they noticed a bump in Pepero sales around November 11th and after continued popularity they decided to then encourage the holiday with special gift boxes and other promotions
Lotte usually does about 55% of their Pepero business in November every year.
~ Wikipedia

Now let's have a look back at the 11 resolutions I posted some weeks ago...
I'm quite satisfied because I've been keeping some of them pretty well, others I have neglected but I can say that I see some improvement in several areas. ^^

Let's start with the less good achievements:

❤ study for school like there's no tomorrow
 try not to complain for 1 week straight

There's still lots of work to do about studying regularly and complaining less. I do study but not as much as I'd wish, I do just enough to get going but I wish I could squeeze more out of my classes and really profit of the interesting things I'm learning.
Complaining... that's a tough one! I think I'll keep this resolution and it will become one of my top priorities in my upcoming Happiness Project (yes, I'm planning one and I will keep you updated!)

I also started quite well with some projects but didn't keep them up as much as I'd wished to:

❤ complete Gala Darling's Radical Self Love Bootcamp
❤ keep a daily gratitude list
❤ publish most of my draft posts
 start blogging regularly again! (means posting 2x week)

Well... at least it was reassuring to read in the Radical Self Love Bootcamp Forum that there are many others who haven't completed the bootcamp yet and many who just joined and are starting. This project isn't just something you can do in one weekend. 
Many of the missions require deep thought or taking one's time... and I simply didn't give myself enough time yet. But I'm on it and I won't give it up till it's completed! ^^'  The gratitude list is actually a part of the bootcamp and I really haven't been doing well... I admit it! T.T
Blogging... I wish I'd take more time and I think I'll have to schedule a special time every day (or every second day) to work on it - if I don't make blogging a priority I'll never succeed with my plans here!
There are also still several draft posts of my China/Korea travel I'd like to share with you! You can look forward to many more adventures from Asia!

And now what I've (more or less) accomplished:

❤ let go of past struggles or commitments that keep tormenting me

 start either meditating or doing yoga / mornings & evenings 
 learn to keep my room clean and tidy 
❤ sing every day for at least 15 minutes
❤ drink 1 litre of water every day

I wanted to add some notes about how I accomplished many of these things but it ended in a wall of text and I decide to tackle this list in another blog post. ^^ Maybe you will benefit from my detailed descriptions... ^^

AH!! Just in time, Leaa contacted me and told me that she is trying to reanimate her blog (btw go visit her blog and give some love, she deserves it). I paid a visit and saw this post: 12 goals before 2012. Leaa had found the inspiration on this blog and I was also inspired... so after 11 resolutions till 11.11.11 the next mission is 12 goals before 2012!
I will now unplug and write my new list (did I mention that I'm a notorious list-maker? ^,^)!

Have a wonderful weekend! 
And for those who haven't yet ~ join my small giveaway!

。。。ah, and Jay Chou's long awaited new album has finally been released today! 
I hope to be able to listen to his new songs this weekend already! ^_~ 
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Inspirational Ladies ~

So... I thought I might make a list of my favorite inspiring bloggers in the wide blogosphere! (I might turn this blog post into a static page if its interesting for you ^^)
I was planning to draw all the bloggers and have been putting it off (perfectionist tendencies... hmhm). Anyway, now I decided to just do it and gave myself 30min for each blogger. I hope none of you is offended by my pictures... I put all my love inside  

First round: Asu from Asurocks,   Sarah from Yes and Yes,   Gala from Gala Darling

♥ Asurocks: Asu was the first blogger I started following diligently... actually she was the one who inspired me to start a blog on livejournal (that was back in 2009), I had a long personal homepage experience (I started with a homepage about my Manga artwork on beepworld like... in 2002?).
I adore her funny writing style and am a big fan of her artwork.. this girl is talented man! ^^' And I love her hair color and personal fashion style... Asu really does rock! =P

♥ ♥ 

♥ Sarah Von Bargen: I stumbled upon her blog (maybe thru Gala's Carousel? Don't really remember...^^') and loved her advice and "notes from the road". She's a quirky girl living her dream and traveling the world. She's an expert in solo traveling and makes the world look so exciting with her fresh writing style. I also adore her true story and network of nice series: She seems to bring together lots of positive and interesting people on her blog. Sarah Von Bargen: the solo traveller and down-to-earth positivity networker.

♥ ♥ 

♥ Gala Darling: The sparkling self-love fashion guru! Finding her blog was a revelation! There's a girl who lives so many of my ideals and is enjoying herself working hard on her glittering dreams. Her blog, a mixture of love/life/fashion advice and showcase of inspiring links from anywhere got me hooked immediately! She's also the 'founder' of the Radical Self Love movement which has influenced me deeply. 
Gala Darling is a twinkling internet self-love and fashion star!

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small giveaway ~

To celebrate 300 readers I decided to host a small 'thank you' giveaway. 
Have a look at the items, I guess most of you might like it:

There's one prize consisting of:

3 different Collagen Face Masks from the Korean brand Purederm
super moist and comfy to wear... for your weekly home spa session 


1 (!) pair of Melliesh lower eyelashes (I already used/took out 1 pair) 

A super cute sale in Japan only Hello Kitty plushie
You can use it as keychain or cutify your bag. ^^

Here a small picture how the Hello Kitty looks from behind (look at that cute ribbon! ):

Here the complete set for the lucky winner:


No need to be a follower but at least "like" my facebook page (you can find the link in the right menu bar)  
 Post an entry about this giveaway - you can choose between facebook & your own blog (feel free to use any of this entry's graphics) 
♥ leave a comment with your name, email and blog address (or link to your facebook entry)
Giveaway starts TODAY and ends: November 15th
♥ Good Luck!
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J-Magazines (December 2011) ~

Here are (exclusively for my beloved readers) some of the newest Japanese magazines,
this is part 12 of my monthly series, featuring all DECEMBER issues ^_^

Hope you enjoy reading and please comment if you download! ❤ ❤
I'll keep updating this page as long as there's some interesting December 2011 issues ~
- so make sure to check back often! ~

last update: december 30th: Zipper, Spoon, Cutie

Vivi Kera JJ CanCam
Mina Nonno Popteen Ray
Seven Happie Nuts Jelly Scawaii
Ageha Egg Zipper Spoon

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