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12 before 2012 ~

I'm back and I have to say thank you so much to everyone who joined my giveaway! I was really touched by the response! ;_;  Now I will finally reveal the lucky winner of the (small) giveaway:

Georgiana Zecheru 
You lucky girl you! 
I already contacted you asking for your home address and I'll ship your prize next week!  
To everyone else: Don't be sad, I'm planning another great (great, great) giveaway in December! 
I'm sure you'll love it!!   ♥ ♥ 
Now on to another topic! I already mentioned that I wanted to join the 12 before '12 challenge and so I spend the last few days thinking about 12 goals I want to achieve until the end of 2011.
So here they are:  
Prepare my happiness project for 2012 little by little 
✐ Study well and pass all my exams in December
✐ Don't take any struggles/remorses/hardships from the 2011 to 2012: to a fresh and brilliant start into 2012!✨
✐ Blog challenge 1: Reach 450 followers
✐ Blog challenge 2: Finish publishing my China/Korea 2011 travel diary drafts
yay!!  Kitchen challenge 1: Prepare a filled thanksgiving turkey on my birthday!  (thanksgiving = my birthday)
✐ Kitchen challenge 2: bake christmas cookies from scratch (don't know which yet)
✐ Love challenge 1: Stop nagging at my boyfriend!
✐ Love challenge 2: follow through with the Advent calendar for my boyfriend 
     (I write/draw a small note (can be a picture, coupon, surprise) each day and put it in this 'calendar')
✐ Declutter challenge 1: Sell/give away all my old Manga I don't want to keep anymore
✐ Declutter challenge 2: Sell/give away all old clothes I don't use anymore
✐ Pursue my new habits:  keep room tidy , drink 1 litre of water/day , sing 15min/day ...
(This isn't really a "goal" but a resolution that's why I listed it last ^_^' )

When I started writing the list I thought it'd be hard to come up with 12 goals but while writing I found it hard to actually stick to only 12 goalsBut I guess most of my goals would be better defined as 'keeping my resolutions' so they don't really count as goals/items I can tick off the list on 1.1.2012. ☐☑☒

Friends doing the 12 before '12 challenge:
 ♥ Leaa from Cassis Roses
 ♥ Sara Mari from Moments like Diamonds
 ♥ Marie Lo from A bag full of sweet delights
 ♥ Piperita Patty from Stylebunny

~ let me know if you want me to list you here ~  

What are your goals till the end of the year? 
Or are you waiting for 2012 to make new resolutions?
 ✨   ✨   ✨