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K-Pop Festival Music Bank in Paris ~

I knew about this an upcoming "K-Pop Event in Europe" but when I found out about the location (Paris, at least it's not too far!) and the date (February- just during semester break!) I decided that I needed one ticket in my life! (I consider it an early birthday present to myself)
So... I did the hard work of convincing my boyfriend that we must go to Paris exactly during that time and go to this K-Pop event! <3 

Since we planned to go to Paris some day anyway (we even booked tickets and prepared for a romantic weekend getaway once and then missed (or better said: overslept) the flight... arrrgh!!!ԅ(¯﹃¯ԅ)''') so it wasn't too hard to convince him to go next February.

So... we'll most likely go for 4 days (I haven't booked flight/hostel yet, my first priority were the concert tickets... ^^') and I hope to also stop by the "Baby The Stars Shine Bright" store ^^ 
(of course I'll write about this Paris-trip here)

What places are a must-visit in Paris?

*hyperventilating* we got balcony tickets for the second festival day... and I'm SO hyper right now!!
I'm super looking forward to 2PM, BEAST and SHINee... actually I kinda regret that instead of DBSK (like at this year's Music Bank in Tokyo) SNSD will attend the festival (as Top-Band). 
I was a big fan of DBSK but am not really inclined to SNSD... well... I still have 3 months to get to like them.. and who knows, I might really enjoy their live performance?

If it's nearly as good as Music Bank in Tokyo then I'm sure we'll have a blast!

Wanna see the Music Bank in Tokyo event?
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Which of the bands that will attend is your personal favorite? 

And what MVs from which bands do you consider basic knowledge for every new hallyu wave Kpop fan? (I'm really curious since I'm more knowledgeable about the old hallyu wave ~  you know,  like Shinhwa, DBSK, BoA, Big Bang, F.T. Island...)

...read the news that there will be a special K-Pop Channel on youtube? ô_ô