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Lolita Photo Day ~

Three sundays ago I had my very first photo shoot in a studio. Well, it was no my photo shoot but a Lolita meet up in a studio. We'd arranged to meet at Aarau station but I'd hoped to meet some other Lolitas at Zurich mainstation and take the train with them. Unfortunately I couldn't contact any Lolitas from the Zurich area in time so I travelled alone. It was my first time to wear Starry Night Theatre outside and being my flashiest dress I felt like a confused circus artist... haha.

Lolita meetups always have a pretty awkward start, I dunno why | ̄ω ̄A;アセアセ . First you spot the group of fancy looking people, approach them and say "hi" and then you start recognizing some half-familiar faces (seriously, some Lolitas look different every time... it's like a transformation ♪⌒ヽ(*゚O゚)ノ スゴイッ!!! ) and start some casual conversation about their look (this is a really interesting phenomenon that I realized ever since we meet the German Lolitas ~ there seem to be many more brandwhores among them), many of our local lolitas wear either Bodyline or self-sewn creations.
Sometimes I feel awkward because I can't sew (or I haven't learned yet - let's see what the future holds for me) and wear many brand pieces. I guess in other communities you feel awkward if you don't wear brand pieces.... oh well... (*´Д`)=3ハァ・・・ After the first few conversations the group starts breaking the ice and in the end everyone seems to get along pretty well. Interest-groups are formed and we all have lots of fun.
Anyway, we walked to the studio, met the photographers and started taking pictures!
All photos below are ©Amon Adamantos and the last two were digitally retouched by Kandee Gore