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small giveaway ~

To celebrate 300 readers I decided to host a small 'thank you' giveaway. 
Have a look at the items, I guess most of you might like it:

There's one prize consisting of:

3 different Collagen Face Masks from the Korean brand Purederm
super moist and comfy to wear... for your weekly home spa session 


1 (!) pair of Melliesh lower eyelashes (I already used/took out 1 pair) 

A super cute sale in Japan only Hello Kitty plushie
You can use it as keychain or cutify your bag. ^^

Here a small picture how the Hello Kitty looks from behind (look at that cute ribbon! ):

Here the complete set for the lucky winner:


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Giveaway starts TODAY and ends: November 15th
♥ Good Luck!