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Choo Choo Giveaway ~

...I told you there'd be a great giveaway soon! 

Hello Cuties! I'm proud to announce my last giveaway this year - the CHOO CHOO giveaway!

First of all, enjoy the cute graphics I arranged. Can you imagine starting 2012 with this cute small agenda? If yes, join, join, join! 

You'll have to choose between one of the three (you can also add your 2nd favorite),
their names are Pink Leopard, Heaven and Ruby. The inside is completely identical.

Hope the cuteness overkill didn't distract you too much from your goal - get one of 'em! XD

The giveaway is international, anyone who follows the rules below can participate! 
The 3 lucky winners will be announced on the 19th - the agenda won't be shipped by Christmas but hopefully for New Years!  

so... don't forget to choose 1 of the 3! (and add your 2nd priority if you want)
btw... feel free to take any graphic from this post for your own promotion ^^
You can choose: either blog about this giveaway or make a post on your Facebook, doing both won't increase your chance of winning  (^^') but of course I'd be grateful =D
The constructive criticism-part is important, if you are new to my blog take your time to have a look around before commenting, the giveaway will be open until Sunday, december 18th!