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Merry Christmas! ~

We went last-minute grocery shopping (together with like 10'000 other people) and got some food for around Christmas time. || \( ̄▽ ̄;)/ ||| We'll spend this evening with laogong's family in a restaurant and tomorrow evening we'll celebrate with another dinner at my mother's place... so this is our Christmas package and that's why we didn't even bother decorating a Christmas tree.
(I did bake some chocolate cookies though but they turned out totally disformed that's why I didn't post any photo - but they are still yummy - and I completed another goal of my 12 before 2012 goals list)
 Today was also the last day of my pink challenge and I'll post all outfits the day after tomorrow! \((=゚▽゚)/

I guess for many people Christmas is either spent going clubbing / having fun with friends or spending time with the family. But I don't feel the Christmas vibe in neither of our families so at least I hope to be able to create a festive Christmas spirit when we have our own family.

Hope you are enjoying the festive season!