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My 2011 ~

My 2011
  • took ~1000 photos of Coco watching her grow XD
  • learned some needle felting
  • 1 year Laurita! (and soon 2 years!!)
  • had many interesting sessions @ psychologist
  • went from 3 part-time jobs to none (back to full time student)
  • quit my first long-term job @ Apple (spent 1h saying goodbye and hugging everyone)
  • re-started going to classes regularly and even made some friends!
  • Radical Self Love bootcamp by Gala Darling
  • experienced my first narcosis (I was SO afraid!!!)
  • Setting several goals and achieving many of them!
"After 3 years" list / since 2008
  • met up with Nina, Siao and Lina (& her boyfriend
  • visited Beijng and Seoul (this time with laogong)
Looking at this short list, 2011 seems like an uneventful year. But I grew a lot this year!
I got scolded and praised by customers @ Apple and made meaningful experiences, I made lots of new acquaintances and friends.
I got much more sensible about homosexual topics (and also other important social topics/changes around me) and think I'm maturing bit by bit.
Read SO many self-development books that influenced me in my self- and world view.
I revisited places I hadn't been to since 2008, noticing how much everything has changed but the memories keep being fresh when you meet old friends again. I
'm specially grateful to laogong, my family and my dearest friends.
And of course also to you, my beloved readers! 

2012: looking forward to
  • my personal 'Happiness Project' (shhh... it's a secret)
  • Byebye Bunny Year, welcome Dragon Year!
  • Paris with laogong
  • 2 years LAURITA (and keep on growing with you all!)
  • Japanese Classes (and getting one year nearer to graduation in 2013 ^^')
  • visiting my father /relatives in South America (hopefully being able to see Rio de Janeiro)
  • many refreshing new events I don't even know about! ♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪ランラン