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Puss in Boots ~

I'd wanted to go watch Puss in Boots ever since I heard about this upcoming movie. ^^ So today we enjoyed the movie in 3D.

Accidentally the places we'd reserved were deluxe places, means... in a pretty special, smaller room of the cinema with only 20 huge sitting places (I didn't know there really existed this kind of cinema room, the first time I'd seen these rooms was in some Kdrama...seriously!) , food was also inclusive and we stuffed popcorn till we exploded XD''

The movie was funny, I loved the Spanish accents and the derpy-looking gosling... XD

I hadn't worn Lolita since the last photo shoot so I took the opportunity to wear some cute Angelic Pretty Bears out. The Chipmunk photo session has no relation with the movie at all, I just love posing with the newest figures that are arranged in the cinema... enjoy the photos! =D

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