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Snowy Zurich ~

Yesterday it started snowing again and today was the first snowy day in Zurich! Yesterday while studying for an exam and watching the falling snow outside I suddenly felt like dressing up in pink. 

So all by myself I started the pink challenge

I plan to wear pink outfits the whole week, Monday through Friday.
 It's a challenge because wearing pink is very eye-catching and I haven't worn pink outfits in a long time. 

Besides I'm better equipped with pink (light) summerwear than warm outerwear and I don't want to be cold with my experimental outfits so I'll have to layer and use any pink accent I can find... because the pink theme has to be clearly visible (eg. only a pink purse doesn't count)

The idea is to wear pink both inside and outside (meaning the pink accents have to be visible in my outerwear too) and mixing different styles, not just wearing the same pink coat or dress the whole week. 

I already came up with ~3 different outfits and I'll be presenting them this week... hope to keep you a bit entertained till Christmas!
I still have 2 exams to go...  |||||/( ̄ロ ̄;)\||||||| まじ〜〜?
So... this was my first outfit today! 
Pink: pullover, tights, scarf, bag and umbrella.

As I was walking to my university and stopped to take the photo right below ↓  a photographer stopped me and asked me to pose with the pink umbrella for some anonymous photos  (taken from behind) of me enjoying the snow-covered scenery. He told me the photo might possibly turn up in some newspaper. 
As It turned out that guy works for Keystone, Switzerland biggest (stock) photo agency.  ƪ(˘˘)''ʃ 


but enough snow photos!
I know you are all waiting for the announcement of the winner of the Choo Choo Giveaway.
So here you are:

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated and gave me great concrit, I copied the concrit of each of you to a separate document and printed it out. 
I already have some new ideas for the blog's direction in 2012 and I also will keep in mind all your ideas! Really appreciate all your support! (^人^)感謝♪彡