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Winter vacation ~

Exams are finally over and now I'm on winter vacation until Mid-February. laogong still has exams in January so he'll spend most of the time preparing for the exams.
Luckily I don't have any exams but since I'll be retaking Japanese classes (I last took JP classes in April/May 2010 and have forgotten everything) I have to review my old Japanese worksheets and get a feeling for the language again ^^'
And I have to relearn the Kanji... can you believe I passed the first term exam without knowing Katakana?? I think this writing system hates me, I simply can't seem to be able to memorize it T_T

Anyway, what have I been up to? (Besides writing exams and the pink challenge (I'll post all 6 outfits together)). My agenda for 2012 arrived some days ago (together with loads of stickers) and I started decorating it, it's so much fun!


Ah, I also watched this two movies: The Help and The Women on the 6th floor. Both movies are very interesting and depicting an unusual perspective, both take place in the 60s, one in the USA the other in France. One portraits the hardships of African-American maids the other the hard life of Spanish women that fled the civil war and work as maids in French households.

How are you spending your time before Christmas?

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