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Winter outfits ~

Some of you have been missing my Asian street fashion posts and it's true that my last outfit dump has been more than half a year ago... so here are some of the daily outfits I've been wearing in October, November and December. Many outfits look similar because I'm using the same style over and over again - let's unmask these fashion schemes:

1) shoes: I've been wearing either my thick UGG boots, long brown Innocent World boots or short brown offbrand boots.
2) tights: I love wearing tights in winter! Mostly black or dark brown ones, matching the boots.
3) knee-length skirt/dress/pants or black jeggings (but I prefer tights + skirt - it's warmer!)
3) some warm cardigan/pullover over a simple top/dress, sometimes
4) coat: my favourite brown Innocent World Jacket or Yumetenbo rose coat (a super eye-catcher!) or some random (mostly red) Azona A02 Jacket.
5) mostly wearing a pale pink H&M scarf (my absolute favorite this winter!  )
6) black earmuffs or white fur beret (sometimes other berets in black or red)

Ah... and I've started to love the braided pigtails + beret look as you can see below, it's the easiest way to style my hair when I'm lazy. (;´ρ`)  and I also think it's a cute look.

In the first 3 collages you can see the white beret/pale pink H&M scarf + braided pigtails in action - all photos look similar despite being completely different outfits and days. 
⬇⬇ I specially love the petticoat from American Apparel, I wear it as a skirt. ~ 

⬇⬇ To the right you can see my favorite long "rose" coat from Yumetenbo. It's warm and cute, I love it!  ♥ But since it's quite an eye-catcher I don't wear it as often as I'd like to, getting catcalls isn't fun. -.- 

⬇⬇ "It looks like a prostitute's jacket" - thank you for that compliment, laogong. (_ ̄■ ̄_)  I know, Leopard Jackets have a shady reputation despite being in fashion right now. I think this light version is cute enough and doesn't give any "sexy" message at all but yeah, I feel stared at so I don't wear out it often.

⬇⬇ When I feel flashy I wear bright red stuff, this is actually the whole outfit with jacket and cardigan and both are from Azona A02 (the cat brand). 

⬇⬇ One of my favorite winter solutions is to wear a summer dress with a pullover overhead. It makes every dress look casual and comfy-warm. =3 The red coat is slightly older and I don't wear it that much anymore. I still think that it's elegant and gorgeous but I it's not warm enough for winter. ^^'  
⬇⬇ Birthday outfit! Yes, I own the petticoat from American Apparel in both beige and black and I specially love wearing the black one! ♥ The red cardigan and bunny top are also favourites of mine! ♥ 
⬇⬇ This outfit has a sad story - it was the last shot I took with Coco before she left (on that same day). I had tried a completely different look with matching scarf/beanie but don't feel like wearing it lately. 
>.< The other outfit is the only Lolita outfit I've featured here and I wore it for International Lolita Day.
⬇⬇ Other random coords. I like them all XD'' but I specially love the butterfly tunic dress from Yumi. I really need to make an extra article to feature my beloved Yumi clothes! 
⬇⬇ Get ready for some face shots XD'' I just put them together because they were between my outfit shots and you can see how often I used the earmuffs. Don't mind the photo I took while taking a bath XD''
⬇⬇ Wow, you've made it through all photos! Congrats XD I guess you've seen my face enough this year - haha. The last two photos were taken on the same day, I was trying to see how much my hair style influences the "look". I was told that the bottom left photo looks more "mature" than the bottom right one. I'll still keep my bangs though!  Gotta love being mistaken for a 18 years old =P

Did you discover any "fashion scheme" (like favorite pieces but also combinations) you wear often?
What are your fashion schemes?
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Laurita's Secret Letters ~

Have you ever felt like it's hard to establish a relationship with your favourite blogger, no matter how open they are in their blog? Their world seems to be far away. You spent hours reading through their articles and feel like you kinda know them but you can't seem to take part in their current activities or let yourself be noticed by them? It's tiring visiting their blog every few days or checking their FB page just to see if they've posted something new? 
Wish to receive personal news directly in your morning mail? Or maybe you're completely happy with the blog as it is but would love to receive more stories/articles?

Dear beloved reader
I have great plans with you in 2013.
Let's become friends! 
Let's exchange letters ~

I'll send you monthly Secret Letters with personal tips & stories, sharing discoveries in Asian culture/entertainment and engage you with questions/activities ~

The 3rd of every month will be our Secret Letters Day. Please look forward to this date!
Sign up & get your first Secret Letter on January 3rd 2013.

Secret Letters include:

❥ monthly Asian themes / topics & activities

❥ extra diary entries

❥ special articles / reviews (not on the blog!)

❥ links for you to discover

❥ roundup of relevant articles on Laurita


❥ cultural insights (China, Korea, Japan)

❥ Asian entertainment (movies/dramas/music)

 Stuff that will make you happy, trust me ♡\(・∀・*)

I'll slowly give up RSS readers for subscription (of course you can still follow Laurita there) and building a Mail subscription seems to be the most personal and exciting method to keep in touch with you, my beloved reader. So I hope you'll join me in this project! p(*^-^*)q

If you still aren't sure about subscribing (and giving me your name + email), let me assure you that I'll never send you any spam or blatant self promotion and will keep the Secret Letters interesting for you to read! ~

If you're not interested in the giveaway (^^?) you can just subscribe to 'Secret Letters' without commenting - in that case you won't be entered.

As a last incentive I'm running my yearly Agenda giveaway for my newly subscribed Secret Letters friends, to be eligible just:

1) Sign up before January 3rd (in time for the first letter)
2) Comment below with a suggestion/idea on what you'd like to read in Laurita's Secret Letters.

 1 lucky winner will receive:


❤ 2 winners will receive:

 yearly Agenda giveaway rules:

1) Sign up before January 3rd
2) Comment below with a suggestion/idea on what you'd like to read in Laurita's Secret Letters.

Good luck and... I'm excited! ~
The 3 winners will be announced in your first Secret Letter!

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It's snowing ~

It's been snowing for more than a week and the snowy streets give a beautiful winter/christmas-y vibe. Why can't all Decembers be like this? The downside is that it's super slippery and I've already fallen... ouch. But watching the people walking like penguins, afraid of slipping and falling is quite amusing. 

I still can't believe these are the last 2 weeks before Christmas! And then New Year! I have great expectations for next year and if I'm lucky I will be able to travel to at least 2 if not all 3 countries that are featured in my blog and finally graduate from university!
Unfortunately the last 2 weeks before Christmas are also the "exam weeks" and I'm totally stressed out taking one exam after another, preparing for a presentation and working on my term papers. The term papers have to be turned in in January, so I will most likely stay busy until the last day before I leave for Osaka... T.T ...but I'm really looking forward to it! ~

To celebrate winter/Christmas season I changed the colors of the layout - hope you like it. (*≧▽≦) The header is a photo I took of snowy Zurich (isn't it pretty?) while passing the ETH Zurich. The Chinese sign in the background is the old seal script of 樂, which can be loosely translated as Happiness.

How are you spending pre-Christmas season? 
Do you also have exams or are you more busy getting presents for everyone or what else are you doing? ☆ミ(o*・ω・)
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The joy of studying Japanology ~

As I'm writing this entry I'm eating a Maki Sushi and watching a J-Dorama. Since the video (I'm watching it on Tudou with Chinese subtitles and it keeps stopping and buffering every 10 minutes) is progressing slowly I take breaks and practice some parts of the J-Dorama we have to learn by heart for the next exam (you know, writing from dictation and stuff). I'm also trying to learn the Japanese "melody" by repeating the dialogues. I feel kinda Wapanese but I truly like it.

After more than 1 year of Japanese studies I've finally started to actually enjoy it. I've made friends and I'm surrounded by helpful people who let me copy their notes. I study regularly with one classmate and her Japanese friend and I have assignments with other classmates and hang out with them. Student life is nice. Cramming for exams with classmates is fun.
This is my final year and I'm really really busy but I'm happy that I've started to enjoy Uni life once again. It reminds me of my old Sinology days when I was looking forward to every morning to go to class. ^_^

Anyway, I've felt like a traitor for studying Japanology since I don't really have a passion for the language and am only slightly interested in Japan. I skipped way too many classes and didn't do home assignments and concentrated on my part-time job and always felt left out at class (obviously if you show up randomly and never hang out after class you don't really make friends). Not having classmates/friends to rely on is even harder if you miss many classes. In the end you don't even dare to show up in class again because you have no idea about the teaching subject. 
You also don't dare to approach classmates and ask them for help because you are not close enough and you convince yourself that you'll self-study at home but in the end it's 1-2 weeks before exams and though you have collected all subject material you have no idea where to start and you get exam anxiety. Ah, not to forget is the social anxiety that comes when you don't see your class for 1 week well knowing that they're all going to class and you're not. You feel bad. In the last 2 years I think I've really come to understand social anxiety and the Hikikomori phenomenon. 

For some people entering a class room full of people you see occasionally but don't really know (, feeling judged by them because you skip too often) and smilingly say 'hello' can be a tough job. Sometimes it seems super easy and I'm super sociable and friendly and sometimes I seem arrogant or secluded because I don't make eye-contact nor greet anyone. I don't know if it's just a 'mood' or if it's my 'social muscle' that needs more training.

Getting back to the topic: I felt like a traitor for studying Japanology because I remember when I was a teenager and the Visual Kei wave was super popular in Germany/Switzerland and all those kiddies in my community where dreaming of studying Japanese or going to Japan or marrying a Japanese dude or whatever and I thought wtf -.- but now I'm kinda living their dream but don't really make the most out of it since it used to be more like a "task".
I'm a lucky girl. Everything I get to study is my own choice.
Chinese has been my passion since I was small and Japan (specially Manga but also the aesthetics and culture) has influenced me in more ways than I could ever think and I'm rejoicing in my interest in Psychology that started around 5 years ago. Being able to 'study' your hobbies is a privilege.

The answer to my mediocre interest in Japanese has been answered: It's because I didn't give myself time to enjoy my studies. I was too busy with life and forgot that my main 'job' is to study well. My interest in Japanese has been growing since I started to deal with Japanese grammar and culture. Now I can finally stop feeling unworthy about studying Japanology, I enjoy it and I deserve studying it, even though I still suck at Japanese.
The J-Dorama I have to watch for Japanese class is about a plain Biology teacher dealing with life and death issues after finding out he only has 1 more year left to live (the title is: Boku no ikiru michi). The whole topic and his "awakening" and choosing to live a life without regrets and to his fullest is touching and encouraging. Other interesting subjects I'm studying includes Dôgen Studies, which means reading studies about Zen texts dealing with life, time and how to attain enlightenment (these texts are really insightful and I think they can be applied to our daily life) and the other subject is about cultural studies in Japan and I'm preparing a presentation about Zainichi (Korean-Japanese) and their national quest. I also have to write a seminar paper for these two topics and looking forward to it!) 
Each of these topics is exciting and interesting. My friend is taking a class about ethnonationalism and stuff and I'm even interested in that... why can't I take that class, too? T_T'' 
To sum it up: Life at my university is exciting! I'm eager to learn more and more! (*≧▽≦)♪
Ok, I blabla'ed for too long now I have something to announce!

I'm going to Osaka in January 2013!
Enough for today! Details are following in my next post! ~ ♡ 

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The Rainbow Bridge ~

I write this entry as a short information note because I think you all deserve to know what is going on and why it's been so quiet these weeks.
In the midst of serious school stress, on-off colds that made me skip too many classes, relationship issues coming up and winter depressions (who doesn't know them?) in the last few weeks;  two days ago our beloved Princess Coco decided to walk The Rainbow Bridge.

It was a traffic accident and I wasn't even on the spot when it happened and found out 2 hours later.
It has been only 2 days and we are still in shock and unable to completely grasp the situation even though sometimes I feel a burst of sadness and guilt of conscience overcoming me. As soon as I recover from the shock a bit I will write a longer entry about her. Right now I only can let time pass. -_-

Poem from my mother:

Per Coco

Col primo giorno di neve, te ne sei andata…
Forse la morte non è nera,
ma bianca come te, e ti ha chiamata.

Volevi correr dietro qualche fiocco lieve
Volevi giocare ancora, con la neve?

Povera  Coco, sempre inquieta, agitata
sicuramente,  di lá, ti sei trovata
con altri spitzer bianchi o arcobaleno
con cui giocare sempre, a cuor sereno

Buon viaggio, cara, indimenticabile  Coco
ci rivedremo fra poco.
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Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Prints I would like to see ~

I'm slightly busy this weekend so I'll keep this Lolita Blog Carnival entry short!

Two words: Animal prints! I go crazy for them! But teddy bears, cute small dogs and cats are a bit overrated, I prefer wild animals! So some prints I'd love to see include:

Panda (& bamboo forest)
Pandas are SUCH cute animals, why has no one created a Panda design? I'd love to see one in green, with a bamboo forest design or something like that. I'd look super fresh! (green is underrated anyway!)

Underwater Scene
No, no mermaid and fantasy stuff. Just a nice coral reef with beautiful fishes and other underwater creatures. I'm not sure if this has been done before but doesn't the design look super lovely?

Zebra Lolita
Zebra prints are a hot item, even in mainstream fashion. And Zebras look extremely stylish with their black-white stripes. Why has no one adapted this idea yet? It's pure elegance ~

You can find my general Lolita-related articles here.
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Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Trends I could never get into ~

I recently joined this cool FB group called Lolita Blog Carnival.
It's basically a community/network of Lolita blogs, where we collect article ideas or challenges and share links.
Each friday there's a new article challenge and all blogs that participate link to each other so that the reader will be able to read through all the different blogs. You can find the blog links at the end of this article. Click the logo (left) for the Facebook Community.
Enjoy! ~

First of all: These three ladies I specially drew for this Lolita Blog Carnival post seem to belong to different sub-styles. But the idea is to identify trends that I could never imagine getting into... not simply dejecting a whole sub-style. But there are certain trends that are linked to certain sub-stiles so I chose to draw them in their contexts.

The first trend is often found within the OTT Lolita substyle and it's the "Deco" trend. I dislike wearing lots of decoration on my head or (worse) on a neon-colored wig that doesn't even suit my complexion. "Deco" - no matter if it's with Lolita or not - is a very messy fashion trend and rare is the person who can pull it off without looking ridiculous (unless that's what that person wants). So for me "Deco" is a complete no-go and I will choose to decorate myself in a more tasteful way.

The second trend can be found in Classic Lolita, but also Mori or Dolly Kei. (Can you see that I tried to draw some kind of Dolly-Lolita?) It's wearing real fur accessories. It actually doesn't even look bad and emphasises the natural-creepy aspect of Dolly Kei and I'm sure it's warm but I couldn't imagine wearing a dead animal around my neck, not even if it was vintage. I specially dislike the view of fox fur scarves where you can still see their head.It gives me the shivers.

Lastly, and I'm not sure if this is a trend or already considered a sub-style... it's the creepy-cute trend. I specially dislike the whole Kreepsville eyeball -stuff. It was quite a fresh and interesting take on gothic and creepy styles (after lots of Guro-Lolitas) but it seems that most people only know the same coords for this trend and it's more or less the one I pictured here: AP Dream Sky JSK, eyeballs and some bones - and of course the skeleton tights!  Anyway, since I'm not a fan of creepy fashion styles this is nothing for me!

And here you have the three lovely ladies together, hope you like them.
What are current trends you could never get into (Lolita- but also generally fashion-wise)?

You can find my general Lolita-related articles here.
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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival ~

As I'm writing this blog post I'm munching my moon cake (Lotus seed paste, yummy) and preparing for the next school week.  Ever since this university term started I've been really, really busy. I plan to get my BA degree in summer 2013 and need to make a final spurt. Right now I'm concentrating on Japanese and Psychology and decided to set aside various other hobbies (for now).
But I can give you a teaser: 2013 will be a very... Korean year.
Anyway, this weekend I was cordially invited by Starbucks (click here for their last event) to eat a delicious breakfast and enjoy their newest creations (Ristretto Bianco and Pumpkin Spice Latte), I also received their newly introduced "My Starbucks Rewards" card. No matter how often you visit Starbucks (daily, weekly or even just monthly) you can benefit of their new card program, enjoying lots of freebies, combinations and even free drinks on your birthday ^^ If you like Starbucks and don't mind having yet another card in your wallet then please go and get your own card asap!
Thanks Starbucks for the nice event!
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Life Changing Decisions ~

Recently I'm a bit overwhelmed with decisions concerning my future. Actually it's still a bit early since I will only (& hopefully) finish my BA in July 2013 but I'm already looking for possibilities.
In 2013 I'll have a BA in Sinology, with Japanese and Psychology as minors. I have lots of soft skills (~7 languages, psychology insights, good scientific skills) but no real professional training besides my part-time job experiences in retail.
My fiancé will also finish his BA studies (banking and finance) next year. If everything goes well with my fiancé (we intend to get married in 1-2 years) he'll start his training at one of our Swiss banks and we might be able to move to Asia (maybe Shanghai or Hongkong) in 3 years time. That means that I have 3 years to get some practical training or start a career in 3 years time. I'd love to get qualifications that enable me to be internationally flexible and finding a job quickly.

How should I further educate myself/prepare myself for working life?
Now, what should I go into?

1) No further studies, just trying to find a (corporate) job and get extended vocational training

2) Become a primary/secondary school teacher (BA 3 years, maybe I can study 1 term in the US?)

3) Go into Psychology (aim for MA positive psychology @ Pennsylvania Uni)

4) Lunge at Tourism/Translation.

5) Inherit my soon-to-be-mother-in-law store and import Chinese goods/create my own brand

6) Professional blogging, journalism, fashion designer, Manga-artist, TWdrama + Kdrama actress, Princess ;)
1) Totally depending on luck. Until now I only have experience in retail but I'm not interested in that and to get a corporate job I'd have to start really low and I wouldn't know where to apply (I don't have any specific branch I'm interested in besides Google -.-'). But after a 3-year career will I be able to leave Switzerland without regrets? Plus, finding a corporate job that allows me to switch countries is a bit of a luxury. 

2) Takes 3 fu**ing years. Getting a 2nd Bachelor degree... but it's a sure-fire job I could see myself doing both in Switzerland or anywhere in Asia (and not just at the "I'm hanging around in your country so let me teach you English"-level.), the studies include an exchange term and I'd love to study in the US =D And teaching is flexible, I can see myself teaching German or Spanish or Italian at a private language institute in China or Korea. ^^ but on the other side... would I be a good teacher (despite being the daughter of 2 language teachers)?? And do I need the education to "simply teach"?

3) Psychology...  Same as above. Would mean attending university again for another 3 years. NLP and positive psychology are a big hobby of mine but not sure if I really want to work in that field. How could I apply positive psychology in a job? Isn't it just "yet another" soft skill? Anyway, I'd endure the BA only to be able to start the MA (do I have the force to go through with it?).

4) Actually no idea where to start? Internship? There's no university for tourism in Switzerland as far as I know. And I don't wish to become a counsellor, but really a guide (specially for Asian or Latin American groups) pro: I could use all my languages, only have to brush up my history skills. con: Can I also use it in Asia? I don't see myself as a professional interpreter, I could become a translator at best.

5) Very unsure. Will I really "inherit" the store? Do I actually want to inherit the store? Would that store even work well? What can I offer in that store? Location-dependent (and stuck in Zurich) unless business goes well and I can hire staff. Pro: my own store. Con: not very flexible (fixed costs, unsure if goes well)

6) well... yeah. My dream jobs. Haha XD ~
Do any of you face similar problems about the future? I guess it's normal for 20-somethings but I'm really anxious about my future... T_T I'll need to talk it over with my family and maybe I will be a bit more confident next year? Writing it down at least calmed me a bit. 

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Back from South America ~

Lovelies... I'm back from South America and back to the blogosphere.  
I missed blogging so much! (note to self: take MacbookAir with me next time and blog on the go)
The last 5 weeks have been insightful and held many surprises. I also got to know a lot about my mother and father while spending intensive vacations with them. So here I am. With over 3000 photos from 4 countries (Croatia, Italy, Uruguay and Brazil) and not sure how to start sharing all the impressions with you. Next week I will have a big workload so I opt to relax and go over all the photos before starting writing entries. For now I'll enjoy a jet-lagged Monday and leave you with my imported Alfajores... Have a nice week! ~
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Summer Plans 2012 ~

After some weeks of recuperating from the exams and vegetating around while laogong is doing com-pulsory paid community service (mo-fri, 8am-5pm) I'm happy to finally leave Switzerland for vacation!

july 13th ~ july 25th
First my mother, brother and I will go to Croatia, Island Pag to be exact and enjoy the beach and sun, chill around and explore the island. I'm getting ready to soak into the sun and enjoy summer as much as possible. ^^ On the road home we might stop by my mother's hometown in Italy (Toscolano-Maderno) and she'll show me the apartment she purchased since I haven't seen it yet. ^^' 

july 29th ~ august 18th
Afterwards laogong, my brother and I will go visit my family in Uruguay. I guess we'll technically also go to Brazil, since my grandma lives in city called Chuy that's exactly at the border between the two countries. Anyway, going to introduce laogong to my family and looking forward to eating good meat! BTW, in Uruguay it's currently winter... T_T
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My mother's birthday ~

Yesterday we celebrated my mother's birthday. I had already prepared a Bear Bouquet from Strapya-World as a present (because my mother loves Teddy Bears) and I think she liked it. We ate out in an Indian Restaurant and had delicious food!  

*reminder* I definitely have to learn how to cook Murg Tikka Masala!!
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SG Wannabe ~

To be honest, I don't quite remember how my love story with SG워너비 (SG Wannabe) started. But I guess it was around 2006, after downloading their 3rd album on z-degrees.net (does anyone still remember that epic forum?). I hadn't heard of them before and must have just looked at them out of curiousity.

This is the first MV from their first album in 2004. At first they played misterious because they didn't reveal their faces, wanting their fans to love them for their music and not their looks.

At that time I didn't pay much attention to their ballads, but the song 내사람 (Partner for life) stuck with me. I quickly became one of my favourite songs, staying in my top list during my last high school months and first university year.

I didn't understand a word but the sad melody touched me deeply. The end even got me teary. After I finally managed to find a translation of the song text I saw that my feelings and the song's lyrics were quite well-matched.

안녕 내 사랑 그대여, 이젠 내가 지켜줄게요 
Hello my love, my love I'll protect you now.
못난 날 믿고 참고, 기다려줘서 고마워요
Thank you for putting up with me and waiting for me.
안녕 내 사랑 그대여, 이렇게  그댈 부를때면 
Hello my love, my love when I call you like this
너무 행복해서 눈물이 나죠, 사랑해요
I'm so happy I could cry, I love you.

The thought of a love that is finally returned after a long time of holding on and patiently waiting is very touching to me. The MV (featuring Shinhwa's Dongwan) is a must-see! Another thing I like is that Many of their MV that contain a small story. Sometimes there are several songs played throughout one mini-drama.
I recommend watching the MV Partner for life and the MV Slow, these are two songs but it's the same Mini-drama. And another touching story is 아리랑 (Arirang). This song is my top favourite as of now. When I listen to this song I feeling like dancing, it makes me both happy and sad. This song was playing when Lina and I were in front of some mall in Seoul and I started dancing to it (sorry Lina for embarassing you, haha).

If you want to watch other MVs prepare yourself for mostly ballads with heart-breaking stories and touching lyrics! And they really have the softest voices, it's so soothing to listen to~ 

If you like more upbeat songs and don't mind the similarity to Country Roads, check out  라라라 (Lalala). I listened to this song non-stop while in China (2008) and have fond memories singing it with my friend Lina. 
And the song Ordinary People, I liked it so much that I had it as a ring tone for nearly 2 years.

사랑해요 소중한 내사랑
I love you, my precious love
평생 그대만을 위해 부를 이노래
This song that I will always sing for only you
사랑노래 함께 불러요
This song of love, let’s sing it together
둘이서 라라라
You and I, la la la
그대 품이 나의 집이죠
Your embrace is my home
영원히 라라라
Forever, la la la


In 2008 채동하 (Chae Dongha) left the group to pursue a solo career. He was then replaced by 이석훈(Lee Seok Hoon). As I prepared this post and refreshed my memory about his tragic suicide and then watching this last performance of the "old" SG Wannabe and him crying I also cried. T_T There are way too many Korean celebrities who commit suicide but he was the first one whom I was really, really attached to. R.I.P.

Through SG Wannabe I also dicovered other beloved artists such as Epik High and M to M.
Anyway, I proudly call SG Wannabe my all-time favourite Korean artists and I hope they will continue producing such beautiful songs when Kim Yong Joon returns from his military service.

Anyway, if I had to choose the Korean band I'd most love to see live it's SG Wannabe.
Thank you for all your soft ballads and soothing voices, guys! ❤ ❤ 

Next I'll introduce Epik High, hope you'll look forward to it! ^_^

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Freebie Day ~

So today was freebie day!

First, I went to the dental clinic to get my teeth professional cleaned. Yeah, it's a painful thing and it's pretty expensive so I like to put it off (last time was in Shanghai in 2010).

But some weeks ago I got a mail from the university's dental clinic asking for volunteers who are willing to get their teeth cleaned by a trainee for free (+ check up/evaluation from dentist) So I signed up and got my free session. I hope everything went well with the nice trainee attended me. Good luck with your exam in november!

--- Who likes going to the dentist? But didn't I manage to make it look cute? haha 

Afterwards I attended the first official "event" I'd been invited to as a blogger.
I was pretty excited, had quite a lot of fun and got to know a few other very nice Swiss blogger. The event was hosted by Starbucks and took place in Frau Gerold's Garten, a freshly opened café/garden/hang-out place in Zurich.

Starbucks introduced two new products:

"Starbucks Discoveries®"
Now you can buy Starbucks-quality iced coffee in every Migros. Starbucks coffee is known for its Fairtrade Espresso and now you can enjoy it in combination with milk in several flavours:

Starbucks® Seattle Latte: "Starbucks opened its first store in Seattle in 1971, and this perfect blend of rich espresso and creamy milk is inspired by the original Starbucks® Caffé Latte."

Starbucks® Caramel Macchiato Latte: "Discover this signature favorite first introduced in our stores in 1987; a creamy blend of Starbucks®d Espresso Roast coffee with buttery, sweet caramel."

Starbucks® Chocolate Mocha Latte: "A blend of premium chocolate and our bold Espresso Roast coffee together in one creamy, rich sip. Discover a pairing that brings espresso and chocolate lovers to our stores every day."

btw, my favourite of these 3 was the Caramel Macchiato Lattte (I also love Starbucks' hot Caramel Macchiato)

Starbucks Refresha™ beverage: 
"rethink how you refresh"

If you need a kick on a summer day and but don't quite fancy iced coffee or sticky red bull, if you want a fruity beverage that has the same effect as coffee then go pick up one of these two refreshing drinks!

Starbucks launches a refreshing new drink with green coffee extract - get coffeine in a fruity drink!
"Starbucks Refresha beverages give you an extra oomph when you need a recharge you can feel good about. Swing by your local Starbucks for a Starbucks Refresha Berry Hibiscus (feat. real whole blackberries) or Cool Lime (with real lime slices) handcrafted beverage made with real fruit juice."

For more information: starbucksonthego.

Mia and I with your favourite drink : Cool Lime

 Random photos of the Starbucks event:

bloggers: Mia, Dimitri, Jenny, Maria-Rosa

Pictures of Frau Gerold's Garten, it's a pretty relaxed & very green place!

Big thanks to everyone who organized and participated in this event! I had a great time! 

BTW... If you're wondering why all pictures are so exaggeratedly edited... well, I just discovered 2 new phoneography Apps and wanted to try them out! One is Pick, the other one Lumiè (thanks Mia!)

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