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Happy 2012 ~

It's nearly 2am but I'm wide awake so I'm using this opportunity to blog about the first events in 2012!
Anyway, the last few days laogong has been going to study with his classmates everyday (His exams are in Mid-January) from around 9am - 6/7pm and I've been hanging at home, sleeping and relaxing and making dinner. So this evening he came home at around 7pm and we ate huoguo (Chinese hotpot) like every year.

Then we took a hot bath together, put on face masks an relaxed a while. Towards 11.40pm we drove to the Waidberg to watch the fireworks. This was our view:

The big fireworks started at 12:20am. Unfortunately I couldn't really capture their beauty since they were far away and it was too dark for my cam. But I got some nice shots of some fireworks that from nearby:

It rained softly and there were quite a few people on the hill. We had taken a bottle Rimuss and chocolate with us and enjoyed some while watching the fireworks, holding the pink umbrella and trying to take photos. XD This is a small shot I took on our way back home:

The motto of my blog in 2012 will be simplify & magnify
I plan to simplify the entries, posting more often but each entry on one topic without mixing too much. Another plan is to make the blog look "cleaner" with a simple interface and navigation, older posts should be easier to find. The content will also provide many ideas how to simplify your daily life. =D 
On the other hand I want to magnify the blogging and (for you) reading experience, create both personal and also informative entries and get more in touch with my readers!

Hope you all had a great celebration and let's enjoy a fresh start in 2012!