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Happy Dragon Year ~

Yesterday was Chinese New Year's celebration. Bye-bye Metal Bunny, welcome Water Dragon!
The first official day of the Black Dragon year will be on February 4th!
Do you want know your Chinese Zodiac Sign? Click here or here
The last number of your birth year decides your element:
0 or 1 ~ Metal
2 or 3 ~ Water
4 or 5 ~ Wood
6 or 7 ~ Fire
8 or 9 ~ Earth

Each Chinese Zodiac Sign (paired with your element & even your astrological sign) has a special character definition. It's quite interesting to read your own or those of your friends.

If you're interested in a forecast of the Dragon Year 2012 you can read more here and here.

Anyway, laogong and I celebrated by making jiaozi (Chinese dumplings) at home. I tried several styles, the boiled ones (shuijiao) and the pan-fried ones (guotie). I also cooked a Tom Kha Gai (a Thai chicken soup). Afterwards I hung my newly made daofu (reversed luck sign) on our door. I skipped the Bunny year (2011)  but had hung one on the Tiger year (2010) .

Happy Dragon Year ~ wishing you a happy, prosperous and healthy new year!