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Japanese language immersion : Start! ~

As most of you know I started studying Japanology (that's  Japanese studies) in autumn 2010 and took Japanese language classes. One month later I started working 50% for Apple and by December 2010 I was having 3 part-time jobs and was super stressed out and busy. I managed to study for the exams and pass them (well... with ok results only... but passed it passed) but I didn't absorb much of the intensive grammar and kanji curriculum we had. (/ ̄□ ̄)''
Then the second term started and all the grammar we had learned became basic to keep understanding the lessons. I was overwhelmed. I got sick often and missed classes and I also skipped classes. I finally stopped going to classes and increased my shift to 70% @ Apple (+ around 15% on my two other jobs).
Now 1 year is over, I don't have a job anymore but I haven't reviewed Japanese at all.
The new university term is starting in Mid-February and I must get up-to-date again! ヾ(‘ロ‘) 
So now I'll start my Japanese language immersion plan! January will be used to review the first part (the Japanese classes I passed but already forgot) and February will be the time to start preparing the second part (I copied many documents from a classmate (danke!) )
To keep myself motivated and track my progress I'll sum up what I studied every day. ^^ I warn you, I didn't call it immersion plan for nothing! \(>o<)/ギャーッ! 

So... what did I study today?

 First I spend around 30 minutes practicing Katakana (and some Hiragana I'd forgotten like the m-series (ま、め、み、も、む) and r-series (ら、れ、り、ろ、る)). With Katakana I had to start from scratch because I only know how to write my name... m(_ _;)m  So I learned the basic (ア、エ、イ、オ、ウ), k-series (カ、ケ、キ、コ、ク) and s-series (サ、セ、シ、ソ、ス) and also tried the t-series (タ、テ、チ、ト、ツ). They are driving me nuts! Seriously, why do ケ、ク、タlook so similar? And シ & ツ ... wtf... \(--)/ マイッタ Anyway, this isn't supposed to become a rant post! p(・∩・)qガンバレ!

② After the Kana I took out my flash cards and practiced the first 50 Kanji (in the first term we learn 250 and after the second term we should know 500 Kanji). 
This is the list: 日、本、人、子、学、生、先、会、社、員、口、田、力、男、女、私、父、母、兄、弟、姉、妹、友、町、何、親、切、便、利、不、店、料、理、大、中、小、語、高,安、食、飲、静、青、新、古、広い、魚、牛、肉、物.

There is this second type of flash cards (pre-printed, the previous ones were made by me before the exams last year) that helps practice grammar forms and adjectives. I picked the first staple with adjectives and went thru them (or at least half of them.. there are 90+ cards with 2 adjectives/card _| ̄|○''

Workbook time! I reviewed the basic (...desu) sentence and the i- & na-adjectives (both attributive and predicative adjectives) in presens and past tense. Of course the negation too ^^'

Kore wa muzukashi-i hon desu ka? (attributive adjective)
Nihon no zasshi wa omoshiro-i desu ka? (predicative adjective)

i-Adjective (example: takai)
presens (positive) -- taka-i desu
presens (negative) -- taka-kunai desu
past (positive) -- taka-katta
past (negative) -- taka-ku nakatta

na-Adjective (example: rippa)
presens (positive) -- rippa desu
presens (negative) -- rippa de wa ari masen
past (positive) -- rippa deshita
past (negative) -- rippa de wa ari masen deshita

btw... If you're wondering why I haven't been writing in Kana... we first learned the grammar without in Romaji so I'll just stick to Romaji... for now =3 This is the recap of my study session. I studied for around 2-3 hours and plan to stick to this schedule.
See you tomorrow with my next recap! ガンバ━━o(・`ω´・)○))━━ ル!!!