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New Gets ~

The following items are on their way to my place:

Lately I've started to re-structure my wardrobe. I want to kick out some Lolita dresses I rarely wear and add more dresses I truly love and will wear to death. I was really charmed by Otome and other simple yet cute styles. I also fell completely head over heels for Emily Temple Cute. So I'm planning to buy some cute prints but I swore to myself to only buy second hand since the prices are significantly lower. 
As soon as I receive clothes from picture 2 and 3 I'll make a review of Japonica Market the shopping service that helped me order from Yahoo! Japan Auctions.
But the more I look at the cute (but overpriced) clothes the more I wish I could make my own creations. Some designs are so inspiring but only half-perfect to me... either the print is too big/all over the place or the cut of the dress is strange (or it's only for -80cm bust T_T) and of course, the price is a big problem. 
I'm working on a fashion inspiration post featuring some inspiring outfits so you'll see what direction I'm drifting to fashion-wise. 
I ordered the Gothic Lolita Bible 41 and Gothic Lolita Bible 42 and will scan them and post them as soon as I get them. Hope you'll appreciate it ^^ Last but not least I bought a cool Planetarium. I want to fall asleep watching the night sky and stars and so I grabbed an older model (the newest is 400+USD -.-'') on Ebay and am impatiently waiting for it to arrive.

What are your recent gets? ~