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2 years of LAURITA.CH ~

This post was originally scheduled for February 18th, but first I got sick and then university re-started & life got in the way... ^^' sorry!
 Laurita is celebrating 2 years! (⌒▽⌒)/゜・:*【ネ兄】*:・゜\(⌒▽⌒)
(and at the same time I'm celebrating 3 years and 5 months with laogong ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ ワーイ)

I want to say thank you to every one who has been following my journey in the last 2 years and hope to have you here for several more! Since I moved this blog from b2evolution to blogger (August 2011) Laurita received nearly 160'000 visits, ohmy! ヽ( ´¬`)ノ ワ〜イ !!
As you might know Google Friend Connect is going to retire by the end of February and so you won't be updated about my blog anymore (since it wasn't hosted on blogger when I started it). It  hurts me because I was "counting" my readers through the GFC gadget and had reached around 500, now it dropped again because of the retirement.
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Here are some upcoming plans long-term for Laurita:

publish more Travel Diaries (Turkey, France)
create more language-learning (mainly Japanese) related posts!
concentrate on the Asian studies aspects of the blog (popular music, literature, classics, history)
accept guest bloggers
start a small series about Switzerland
invite Sponsors (blog ads will be around 10usd/month + you'll be introduced in my blog +++))

One think I'd like to decrease is the "look what I've spent my money on"-kind of posts, many bloggers seem to write entries only to show off what they bought and I don't want to turn Laurita into that kind of blog. (+ I think it's boring and only creates more money-spending cravings) I still want to review the shopping services and items I bought but concentrate more on coords and less on the items themselves ^^'

I'm also thinking about hosting a small (food-related) giveaway, I'm sure all of you will love it!