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Winter sickness ~

I'm back from Paris with tons of photos! ...but 2 days after arriving back home I got sick and now I'm laying in bed, sneezing and taking breaks from reading books or browsing the internet (it's exhausting when you feel tired).

Still I want to report what has been going on since I came back ^^ Soon my 2 month inter-semester break will end and on monday I'll start going to classes again. I also got a cool part-time job offer and will update as soon as I'm stable and get the permission to. ^^

So... these days I've been busy feeding my Korea-addiction. I enjoyed the fermented Kimchi I'd prepared before Paris and made Kimchi mandu, Bibim Guksu and a small Bibimbap. Photos or it never happened:

filling the Kimchi Mandu is a tiring task... better doing it while watching Kdramas

My perfect Korean dinner =3 btw I'm watching the Kdrama Protect The Boss

And... Valentine's Day! The day before I prepared some black and milk chocolate with almond bits and used cute rose-shaped chocolate molds. The chocolate turned out pretty good and on Valentine's Day I got up at 5am and arranged the chocolate on our table for him to see (laogong always gets up before me). I also added a sassy greeting card.

L + L = 

it turned out pretty well! I love the flower-shaped molds ^^

the bunny says: "eat my chocolate and shut up"

Last but not least : The presents I got! laogong bought me a gorgeous star ring from the Christmas collection @ Swarovski, Champs-Elysées, Paris. So this might turn out to be my long lasting memory of our Pre-Valentine's Day trip to Paris.