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Gothic & Lolita Bible 42 ~

I  finally finished scanning the Gothic and Lolita Bible Vol. 42 yesterday! (The GLB 43 is already on its way, too.) Click the cover for the download link - and enjoy!  

So here I present you my outfit picks of this issue but first let me make clear some things:

 I've slowly started drifting towards subtly sweet / classic and I mainly dress in Lolita during autumn-winter-early spring and that's also why I started appreciating classic with its earthy tones more.
 During summer I prefer wearing retro or sweet gyaru - inspired outfits. (no sweating in lolita)
 My weak color is red - I love it!
 Gothic and OTT-Sweet doesn't really appeal to me. ^^'

Anyway, here are my picks:

Which substyle do you like most? What are your picks? ^^