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My Daily Lolita # 2

How are you doing Dolls?
Actually I'm lying a bit... About half of the outfits are pretty old, some are nearly 1 year old, but I haven't posted them here yet (and forgot to do so in my last post) and thought you might enjoy them. You can distinguish them from looking at the brighter hair color I used to have.

Not all are strictly "Lolita", I tend toward an Otona Lolita style and sometimes look more Otome-like.
I hope you enjoy the outfits nevertheless. ^_^

Following are my more recent outfits.
Now that spring has come and there's bright sunlight again I'm really in the mood for photo shoots.
I also try to wear as much Lolita as possible knowing that I will quit during summer time since it's way too hot and I don't like sweating in Lolita (and I also prefer wearing tights, berets and layers).

btw... if you're wondering, the pup's name is Princess Coco and she's a toy spitz. ^_~ 

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