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My Daily Lolita # 3

Hi Dolls!  
How's the April weather treating you ? 
 Here's a pretty big outfit dump, but many outfits are more Otome or Lolita-inspired. I hope you appreciate the style nevertheless  

 Some daily outfits, unfortunately I often forget to get photos done when I'm outside (specially if it's an outfit for university or work). Many outfits are similar... when I get a new item (eg. blouse) I mix-match with the same dresses - sorry! =P ) 

The first outfit is a comparison between "my" daily style and the try to wear "proper" Lolita... I guess these kind of Alice Bows simply don't suit me... they look silly to me... ;3 
 Mixed in-between are some of my Otome outfits. Maybe you can still see the heavy Lolita influence (like wearing all dresses with blouses underneath etc).  btw... I posted the mint-colored ETC dress 3x... which coord do you like best?



 Here's the "Lolita-inspired" part. 
I love wearing these kind of style when I go shopping with my fiancé and sometimes the malls have special decoration (check the Japan-styled one at the bottom). I guess you can also see the Country/Mori-influence on my outfits... and yes, I go crazy for chocolate brown IW accessories! ^0^



You've made it to the third part (gives a cookie)!  
Now enjoy some photos from our last meet-up in Switzerland. The first photo is my preparation, I wanted to mix the Mori dress with a Cowboy feel (hat and boots) but then it rained heavily and I gave up and "just" wore some kind of Mori-Sweet-Lolita. I hope you can see the Mori influence again? ^^' We visited a gorgeous castle and had lots of fun! You can see it from the last few photos with a fellow Kodona  friend we made ^^

photo credits: nekochan & kandee


...and lastly a shot with my fiancé (I wish I could dress him up someday...). I'm really satisfied with this headdress from IW, it doesn' look like a Maxi Pad at all IMO (I'm a bit afraid of wearing headdresses for that reason ^^'). What do you think?

 & take care! ~ You can see my older entries here

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Sabotai bubble tea in Zurich ~

I'm finally revealing my new part-time job:
I'm working for the first Bubble Tea shop in Zurich called Sabotai.
The first opening was two weeks ago (March 31st) and we were busy (& quite nervously) serving customers. By now I've gotten used to the work place and feel super at ease.

Most customers are somehow interested in Asia(n culture), we have many Chinese (& all confirmed that they're super happy to finally have a Bubble Tea store in Zurich) and of course other Asians, Swiss Kpop fans, Asian-fashion interested (I've spotted a Lolita and some Gyaru) and mainly a quite young customer base. Of course there are some curious passersby who don't know Bubble Tea at all. We are zealous about introducing everyone to our concept and let our customers have a good time. ^^


The store concept itself is pretty fresh and young, I guess there is still lots of improvement left but our bosses are trying hard and are open for concrit. ^_^ As for my co-workers, everyone is friendly and nice and I have a blast working with them. During my work shifts I can even play my own favourite music lists, so if you happen to come by when I'm working you'll be welcomed with Cpop and Kpop music, beware! =P

I'm SO happy to be able to take part in this Swiss Bubble Tea revolution and hope to make friends with many of our customers! If you happen to read this blog and live near Zurich, don't hesitate to come by and find me or one of my nice co-workers for a yummy Bubble Tea session.

Here's a short (German) web report about the making of Bubble Tea in our store. I'm in it, commenting about how to combine Popping Boba and introducing one of our top drinks. ^^

NZZ online article
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Happy Easter Weekend ~

Laurita has been slacking of lately and I'm quite sorry about that... unfortunately I might keep this pace until after my final exams (mid June) because university is my top priority right now. Still, the Jmags should be uploaded as always and I won't go into hiatus, don't worry!

Nevertheless there are some interesting posts in my draft that I plan to publish soon ^^

This weekend is the Easter Weekend, I hope everyone will have a blast! I'm having friends over for dinner tomorrow and the next day we'll visit my mother; yesterday we went fish eating again.

My outfit for the occasion:

The bunny on the carrot car is all made of chocolate and I've been eating SO much chocolate lately, I feel like my stomach has turned into chocolate... haha! Have a nice (Easter)Weekend!
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J-Magazines (May 2012) ~

Here are (exclusively for my beloved readers) some of the newest Japanese magazines,
this is part 5 of my monthly series, featuring all MAY issues ^_^

Hope you enjoy reading and please comment if you download! ❤ ❤
I'll keep updating this page as long as there's some interesting May 2012 issues ~
- so make sure to check back often! ~
I switched back to Mediafire, but 200+ MB downloads are on Filefactory

❤ last update: april 3rd: Vivi, Kera, Zipper, JJ, Cancam, Spring


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