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My Daily Lolita # 3

Hi Dolls!  
How's the April weather treating you ? 
 Here's a pretty big outfit dump, but many outfits are more Otome or Lolita-inspired. I hope you appreciate the style nevertheless  

 Some daily outfits, unfortunately I often forget to get photos done when I'm outside (specially if it's an outfit for university or work). Many outfits are similar... when I get a new item (eg. blouse) I mix-match with the same dresses - sorry! =P ) 

The first outfit is a comparison between "my" daily style and the try to wear "proper" Lolita... I guess these kind of Alice Bows simply don't suit me... they look silly to me... ;3 
 Mixed in-between are some of my Otome outfits. Maybe you can still see the heavy Lolita influence (like wearing all dresses with blouses underneath etc).  btw... I posted the mint-colored ETC dress 3x... which coord do you like best?



 Here's the "Lolita-inspired" part. 
I love wearing these kind of style when I go shopping with my fiancé and sometimes the malls have special decoration (check the Japan-styled one at the bottom). I guess you can also see the Country/Mori-influence on my outfits... and yes, I go crazy for chocolate brown IW accessories! ^0^



You've made it to the third part (gives a cookie)!  
Now enjoy some photos from our last meet-up in Switzerland. The first photo is my preparation, I wanted to mix the Mori dress with a Cowboy feel (hat and boots) but then it rained heavily and I gave up and "just" wore some kind of Mori-Sweet-Lolita. I hope you can see the Mori influence again? ^^' We visited a gorgeous castle and had lots of fun! You can see it from the last few photos with a fellow Kodona  friend we made ^^

photo credits: nekochan & kandee


...and lastly a shot with my fiancé (I wish I could dress him up someday...). I'm really satisfied with this headdress from IW, it doesn' look like a Maxi Pad at all IMO (I'm a bit afraid of wearing headdresses for that reason ^^'). What do you think?

 & take care! ~ You can see my older entries here

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