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Freebie Day ~

So today was freebie day!

First, I went to the dental clinic to get my teeth professional cleaned. Yeah, it's a painful thing and it's pretty expensive so I like to put it off (last time was in Shanghai in 2010).

But some weeks ago I got a mail from the university's dental clinic asking for volunteers who are willing to get their teeth cleaned by a trainee for free (+ check up/evaluation from dentist) So I signed up and got my free session. I hope everything went well with the nice trainee attended me. Good luck with your exam in november!

--- Who likes going to the dentist? But didn't I manage to make it look cute? haha 

Afterwards I attended the first official "event" I'd been invited to as a blogger.
I was pretty excited, had quite a lot of fun and got to know a few other very nice Swiss blogger. The event was hosted by Starbucks and took place in Frau Gerold's Garten, a freshly opened café/garden/hang-out place in Zurich.

Starbucks introduced two new products:

"Starbucks Discoveries®"
Now you can buy Starbucks-quality iced coffee in every Migros. Starbucks coffee is known for its Fairtrade Espresso and now you can enjoy it in combination with milk in several flavours:

Starbucks® Seattle Latte: "Starbucks opened its first store in Seattle in 1971, and this perfect blend of rich espresso and creamy milk is inspired by the original Starbucks® Caffé Latte."

Starbucks® Caramel Macchiato Latte: "Discover this signature favorite first introduced in our stores in 1987; a creamy blend of Starbucks®d Espresso Roast coffee with buttery, sweet caramel."

Starbucks® Chocolate Mocha Latte: "A blend of premium chocolate and our bold Espresso Roast coffee together in one creamy, rich sip. Discover a pairing that brings espresso and chocolate lovers to our stores every day."

btw, my favourite of these 3 was the Caramel Macchiato Lattte (I also love Starbucks' hot Caramel Macchiato)

Starbucks Refresha™ beverage: 
"rethink how you refresh"

If you need a kick on a summer day and but don't quite fancy iced coffee or sticky red bull, if you want a fruity beverage that has the same effect as coffee then go pick up one of these two refreshing drinks!

Starbucks launches a refreshing new drink with green coffee extract - get coffeine in a fruity drink!
"Starbucks Refresha beverages give you an extra oomph when you need a recharge you can feel good about. Swing by your local Starbucks for a Starbucks Refresha Berry Hibiscus (feat. real whole blackberries) or Cool Lime (with real lime slices) handcrafted beverage made with real fruit juice."

For more information: starbucksonthego.

Mia and I with your favourite drink : Cool Lime

 Random photos of the Starbucks event:

bloggers: Mia, Dimitri, Jenny, Maria-Rosa

Pictures of Frau Gerold's Garten, it's a pretty relaxed & very green place!

Big thanks to everyone who organized and participated in this event! I had a great time! 

BTW... If you're wondering why all pictures are so exaggeratedly edited... well, I just discovered 2 new phoneography Apps and wanted to try them out! One is Pick, the other one Lumiè (thanks Mia!)