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SG Wannabe ~

To be honest, I don't quite remember how my love story with SG워너비 (SG Wannabe) started. But I guess it was around 2006, after downloading their 3rd album on z-degrees.net (does anyone still remember that epic forum?). I hadn't heard of them before and must have just looked at them out of curiousity.

This is the first MV from their first album in 2004. At first they played misterious because they didn't reveal their faces, wanting their fans to love them for their music and not their looks.

At that time I didn't pay much attention to their ballads, but the song 내사람 (Partner for life) stuck with me. I quickly became one of my favourite songs, staying in my top list during my last high school months and first university year.

I didn't understand a word but the sad melody touched me deeply. The end even got me teary. After I finally managed to find a translation of the song text I saw that my feelings and the song's lyrics were quite well-matched.

안녕 내 사랑 그대여, 이젠 내가 지켜줄게요 
Hello my love, my love I'll protect you now.
못난 날 믿고 참고, 기다려줘서 고마워요
Thank you for putting up with me and waiting for me.
안녕 내 사랑 그대여, 이렇게  그댈 부를때면 
Hello my love, my love when I call you like this
너무 행복해서 눈물이 나죠, 사랑해요
I'm so happy I could cry, I love you.

The thought of a love that is finally returned after a long time of holding on and patiently waiting is very touching to me. The MV (featuring Shinhwa's Dongwan) is a must-see! Another thing I like is that Many of their MV that contain a small story. Sometimes there are several songs played throughout one mini-drama.
I recommend watching the MV Partner for life and the MV Slow, these are two songs but it's the same Mini-drama. And another touching story is 아리랑 (Arirang). This song is my top favourite as of now. When I listen to this song I feeling like dancing, it makes me both happy and sad. This song was playing when Lina and I were in front of some mall in Seoul and I started dancing to it (sorry Lina for embarassing you, haha).

If you want to watch other MVs prepare yourself for mostly ballads with heart-breaking stories and touching lyrics! And they really have the softest voices, it's so soothing to listen to~ 

If you like more upbeat songs and don't mind the similarity to Country Roads, check out  라라라 (Lalala). I listened to this song non-stop while in China (2008) and have fond memories singing it with my friend Lina. 
And the song Ordinary People, I liked it so much that I had it as a ring tone for nearly 2 years.

사랑해요 소중한 내사랑
I love you, my precious love
평생 그대만을 위해 부를 이노래
This song that I will always sing for only you
사랑노래 함께 불러요
This song of love, let’s sing it together
둘이서 라라라
You and I, la la la
그대 품이 나의 집이죠
Your embrace is my home
영원히 라라라
Forever, la la la


In 2008 채동하 (Chae Dongha) left the group to pursue a solo career. He was then replaced by 이석훈(Lee Seok Hoon). As I prepared this post and refreshed my memory about his tragic suicide and then watching this last performance of the "old" SG Wannabe and him crying I also cried. T_T There are way too many Korean celebrities who commit suicide but he was the first one whom I was really, really attached to. R.I.P.

Through SG Wannabe I also dicovered other beloved artists such as Epik High and M to M.
Anyway, I proudly call SG Wannabe my all-time favourite Korean artists and I hope they will continue producing such beautiful songs when Kim Yong Joon returns from his military service.

Anyway, if I had to choose the Korean band I'd most love to see live it's SG Wannabe.
Thank you for all your soft ballads and soothing voices, guys! ❤ ❤ 

Next I'll introduce Epik High, hope you'll look forward to it! ^_^