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Summer Design ~

1 week after the last university exam (and after recuperating from the stress) I finally felt motivated enough to revamp the blog... I hope everyone likes the fresh red-blue themed design. 
Anyway, after a long abstinence and a bit of pondering I decided to shift the main focus from fashion-y to Asia-related. Since it's a lifestyle (or "happiness blog") of course I cover many different areas but I'd love to emphasize more on the Asian influence on my lifestyle.
I'm shortly explaining the new categories:

Diary: This part will contain general articles such as updates about my daily life or the blog. I might also use it for more personal entries. All Psychology-related articles will be posted here.

中国: All CHINA- related articles will be here: China travel diaries, Taiwanese entertainment or Chinese language diaries + links. Since I started learning Chinese long before opening this blog I don't have any entries but I'll try my best to revive this part!

한국: This is the KOREA part. This part is (as of now) the biggest one: I've posted Korean recipes, blogged about Korean cosmetics and TV dramas... and since I'm also self-studying Korean there will be lots more!

日本: Finally the JAPAN - related articles. Your beloved Japanese magazines and the Asian Street Fashion (mainly Lolita Fashion) will also be here. I've also shared some Japanese language related articles and as I'm further studying Japanese at university I'll post more!

Please note that these parts are still under construction (I have to filter and classify all articles I've ever written and make a list of them - it's a lot of work ^^')

What do you think of the new design and theme?

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