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Summer Plans 2012 ~

After some weeks of recuperating from the exams and vegetating around while laogong is doing com-pulsory paid community service (mo-fri, 8am-5pm) I'm happy to finally leave Switzerland for vacation!

july 13th ~ july 25th
First my mother, brother and I will go to Croatia, Island Pag to be exact and enjoy the beach and sun, chill around and explore the island. I'm getting ready to soak into the sun and enjoy summer as much as possible. ^^ On the road home we might stop by my mother's hometown in Italy (Toscolano-Maderno) and she'll show me the apartment she purchased since I haven't seen it yet. ^^' 

july 29th ~ august 18th
Afterwards laogong, my brother and I will go visit my family in Uruguay. I guess we'll technically also go to Brazil, since my grandma lives in city called Chuy that's exactly at the border between the two countries. Anyway, going to introduce laogong to my family and looking forward to eating good meat! BTW, in Uruguay it's currently winter... T_T