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Life Changing Decisions ~

Recently I'm a bit overwhelmed with decisions concerning my future. Actually it's still a bit early since I will only (& hopefully) finish my BA in July 2013 but I'm already looking for possibilities.
In 2013 I'll have a BA in Sinology, with Japanese and Psychology as minors. I have lots of soft skills (~7 languages, psychology insights, good scientific skills) but no real professional training besides my part-time job experiences in retail.
My fiancé will also finish his BA studies (banking and finance) next year. If everything goes well with my fiancé (we intend to get married in 1-2 years) he'll start his training at one of our Swiss banks and we might be able to move to Asia (maybe Shanghai or Hongkong) in 3 years time. That means that I have 3 years to get some practical training or start a career in 3 years time. I'd love to get qualifications that enable me to be internationally flexible and finding a job quickly.

How should I further educate myself/prepare myself for working life?
Now, what should I go into?

1) No further studies, just trying to find a (corporate) job and get extended vocational training

2) Become a primary/secondary school teacher (BA 3 years, maybe I can study 1 term in the US?)

3) Go into Psychology (aim for MA positive psychology @ Pennsylvania Uni)

4) Lunge at Tourism/Translation.

5) Inherit my soon-to-be-mother-in-law store and import Chinese goods/create my own brand

6) Professional blogging, journalism, fashion designer, Manga-artist, TWdrama + Kdrama actress, Princess ;)
1) Totally depending on luck. Until now I only have experience in retail but I'm not interested in that and to get a corporate job I'd have to start really low and I wouldn't know where to apply (I don't have any specific branch I'm interested in besides Google -.-'). But after a 3-year career will I be able to leave Switzerland without regrets? Plus, finding a corporate job that allows me to switch countries is a bit of a luxury. 

2) Takes 3 fu**ing years. Getting a 2nd Bachelor degree... but it's a sure-fire job I could see myself doing both in Switzerland or anywhere in Asia (and not just at the "I'm hanging around in your country so let me teach you English"-level.), the studies include an exchange term and I'd love to study in the US =D And teaching is flexible, I can see myself teaching German or Spanish or Italian at a private language institute in China or Korea. ^^ but on the other side... would I be a good teacher (despite being the daughter of 2 language teachers)?? And do I need the education to "simply teach"?

3) Psychology...  Same as above. Would mean attending university again for another 3 years. NLP and positive psychology are a big hobby of mine but not sure if I really want to work in that field. How could I apply positive psychology in a job? Isn't it just "yet another" soft skill? Anyway, I'd endure the BA only to be able to start the MA (do I have the force to go through with it?).

4) Actually no idea where to start? Internship? There's no university for tourism in Switzerland as far as I know. And I don't wish to become a counsellor, but really a guide (specially for Asian or Latin American groups) pro: I could use all my languages, only have to brush up my history skills. con: Can I also use it in Asia? I don't see myself as a professional interpreter, I could become a translator at best.

5) Very unsure. Will I really "inherit" the store? Do I actually want to inherit the store? Would that store even work well? What can I offer in that store? Location-dependent (and stuck in Zurich) unless business goes well and I can hire staff. Pro: my own store. Con: not very flexible (fixed costs, unsure if goes well)

6) well... yeah. My dream jobs. Haha XD ~
Do any of you face similar problems about the future? I guess it's normal for 20-somethings but I'm really anxious about my future... T_T I'll need to talk it over with my family and maybe I will be a bit more confident next year? Writing it down at least calmed me a bit.