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Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Prints I would like to see ~

I'm slightly busy this weekend so I'll keep this Lolita Blog Carnival entry short!

Two words: Animal prints! I go crazy for them! But teddy bears, cute small dogs and cats are a bit overrated, I prefer wild animals! So some prints I'd love to see include:

Panda (& bamboo forest)
Pandas are SUCH cute animals, why has no one created a Panda design? I'd love to see one in green, with a bamboo forest design or something like that. I'd look super fresh! (green is underrated anyway!)

Underwater Scene
No, no mermaid and fantasy stuff. Just a nice coral reef with beautiful fishes and other underwater creatures. I'm not sure if this has been done before but doesn't the design look super lovely?

Zebra Lolita
Zebra prints are a hot item, even in mainstream fashion. And Zebras look extremely stylish with their black-white stripes. Why has no one adapted this idea yet? It's pure elegance ~

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