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Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Trends I could never get into ~

I recently joined this cool FB group called Lolita Blog Carnival.
It's basically a community/network of Lolita blogs, where we collect article ideas or challenges and share links.
Each friday there's a new article challenge and all blogs that participate link to each other so that the reader will be able to read through all the different blogs. You can find the blog links at the end of this article. Click the logo (left) for the Facebook Community.
Enjoy! ~

First of all: These three ladies I specially drew for this Lolita Blog Carnival post seem to belong to different sub-styles. But the idea is to identify trends that I could never imagine getting into... not simply dejecting a whole sub-style. But there are certain trends that are linked to certain sub-stiles so I chose to draw them in their contexts.

The first trend is often found within the OTT Lolita substyle and it's the "Deco" trend. I dislike wearing lots of decoration on my head or (worse) on a neon-colored wig that doesn't even suit my complexion. "Deco" - no matter if it's with Lolita or not - is a very messy fashion trend and rare is the person who can pull it off without looking ridiculous (unless that's what that person wants). So for me "Deco" is a complete no-go and I will choose to decorate myself in a more tasteful way.

The second trend can be found in Classic Lolita, but also Mori or Dolly Kei. (Can you see that I tried to draw some kind of Dolly-Lolita?) It's wearing real fur accessories. It actually doesn't even look bad and emphasises the natural-creepy aspect of Dolly Kei and I'm sure it's warm but I couldn't imagine wearing a dead animal around my neck, not even if it was vintage. I specially dislike the view of fox fur scarves where you can still see their head.It gives me the shivers.

Lastly, and I'm not sure if this is a trend or already considered a sub-style... it's the creepy-cute trend. I specially dislike the whole Kreepsville eyeball -stuff. It was quite a fresh and interesting take on gothic and creepy styles (after lots of Guro-Lolitas) but it seems that most people only know the same coords for this trend and it's more or less the one I pictured here: AP Dream Sky JSK, eyeballs and some bones - and of course the skeleton tights!  Anyway, since I'm not a fan of creepy fashion styles this is nothing for me!

And here you have the three lovely ladies together, hope you like them.
What are current trends you could never get into (Lolita- but also generally fashion-wise)?

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