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It's snowing ~

It's been snowing for more than a week and the snowy streets give a beautiful winter/christmas-y vibe. Why can't all Decembers be like this? The downside is that it's super slippery and I've already fallen... ouch. But watching the people walking like penguins, afraid of slipping and falling is quite amusing. 

I still can't believe these are the last 2 weeks before Christmas! And then New Year! I have great expectations for next year and if I'm lucky I will be able to travel to at least 2 if not all 3 countries that are featured in my blog and finally graduate from university!
Unfortunately the last 2 weeks before Christmas are also the "exam weeks" and I'm totally stressed out taking one exam after another, preparing for a presentation and working on my term papers. The term papers have to be turned in in January, so I will most likely stay busy until the last day before I leave for Osaka... T.T ...but I'm really looking forward to it! ~

To celebrate winter/Christmas season I changed the colors of the layout - hope you like it. (*≧▽≦) The header is a photo I took of snowy Zurich (isn't it pretty?) while passing the ETH Zurich. The Chinese sign in the background is the old seal script of 樂, which can be loosely translated as Happiness.

How are you spending pre-Christmas season? 
Do you also have exams or are you more busy getting presents for everyone or what else are you doing? ☆ミ(o*・ω・)