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Laurita's Secret Letters ~

Have you ever felt like it's hard to establish a relationship with your favourite blogger, no matter how open they are in their blog? Their world seems to be far away. You spent hours reading through their articles and feel like you kinda know them but you can't seem to take part in their current activities or let yourself be noticed by them? It's tiring visiting their blog every few days or checking their FB page just to see if they've posted something new? 
Wish to receive personal news directly in your morning mail? Or maybe you're completely happy with the blog as it is but would love to receive more stories/articles?

Dear beloved reader
I have great plans with you in 2013.
Let's become friends! 
Let's exchange letters ~

I'll send you monthly Secret Letters with personal tips & stories, sharing discoveries in Asian culture/entertainment and engage you with questions/activities ~

The 3rd of every month will be our Secret Letters Day. Please look forward to this date!
Sign up & get your first Secret Letter on January 3rd 2013.

Secret Letters include:

❥ monthly Asian themes / topics & activities

❥ extra diary entries

❥ special articles / reviews (not on the blog!)

❥ links for you to discover

❥ roundup of relevant articles on Laurita


❥ cultural insights (China, Korea, Japan)

❥ Asian entertainment (movies/dramas/music)

 Stuff that will make you happy, trust me ♡\(・∀・*)

I'll slowly give up RSS readers for subscription (of course you can still follow Laurita there) and building a Mail subscription seems to be the most personal and exciting method to keep in touch with you, my beloved reader. So I hope you'll join me in this project! p(*^-^*)q

If you still aren't sure about subscribing (and giving me your name + email), let me assure you that I'll never send you any spam or blatant self promotion and will keep the Secret Letters interesting for you to read! ~

If you're not interested in the giveaway (^^?) you can just subscribe to 'Secret Letters' without commenting - in that case you won't be entered.

As a last incentive I'm running my yearly Agenda giveaway for my newly subscribed Secret Letters friends, to be eligible just:

1) Sign up before January 3rd (in time for the first letter)
2) Comment below with a suggestion/idea on what you'd like to read in Laurita's Secret Letters.

 1 lucky winner will receive:


❤ 2 winners will receive:

 yearly Agenda giveaway rules:

1) Sign up before January 3rd
2) Comment below with a suggestion/idea on what you'd like to read in Laurita's Secret Letters.

Good luck and... I'm excited! ~
The 3 winners will be announced in your first Secret Letter!