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Winter outfits ~

Some of you have been missing my Asian street fashion posts and it's true that my last outfit dump has been more than half a year ago... so here are some of the daily outfits I've been wearing in October, November and December. Many outfits look similar because I'm using the same style over and over again - let's unmask these fashion schemes:

1) shoes: I've been wearing either my thick UGG boots, long brown Innocent World boots or short brown offbrand boots.
2) tights: I love wearing tights in winter! Mostly black or dark brown ones, matching the boots.
3) knee-length skirt/dress/pants or black jeggings (but I prefer tights + skirt - it's warmer!)
3) some warm cardigan/pullover over a simple top/dress, sometimes
4) coat: my favourite brown Innocent World Jacket or Yumetenbo rose coat (a super eye-catcher!) or some random (mostly red) Azona A02 Jacket.
5) mostly wearing a pale pink H&M scarf (my absolute favorite this winter!  )
6) black earmuffs or white fur beret (sometimes other berets in black or red)

Ah... and I've started to love the braided pigtails + beret look as you can see below, it's the easiest way to style my hair when I'm lazy. (;´ρ`)  and I also think it's a cute look.

In the first 3 collages you can see the white beret/pale pink H&M scarf + braided pigtails in action - all photos look similar despite being completely different outfits and days. 
⬇⬇ I specially love the petticoat from American Apparel, I wear it as a skirt. ~ 

⬇⬇ To the right you can see my favorite long "rose" coat from Yumetenbo. It's warm and cute, I love it!  ♥ But since it's quite an eye-catcher I don't wear it as often as I'd like to, getting catcalls isn't fun. -.- 

⬇⬇ "It looks like a prostitute's jacket" - thank you for that compliment, laogong. (_ ̄■ ̄_)  I know, Leopard Jackets have a shady reputation despite being in fashion right now. I think this light version is cute enough and doesn't give any "sexy" message at all but yeah, I feel stared at so I don't wear out it often.

⬇⬇ When I feel flashy I wear bright red stuff, this is actually the whole outfit with jacket and cardigan and both are from Azona A02 (the cat brand). 

⬇⬇ One of my favorite winter solutions is to wear a summer dress with a pullover overhead. It makes every dress look casual and comfy-warm. =3 The red coat is slightly older and I don't wear it that much anymore. I still think that it's elegant and gorgeous but I it's not warm enough for winter. ^^'  
⬇⬇ Birthday outfit! Yes, I own the petticoat from American Apparel in both beige and black and I specially love wearing the black one! ♥ The red cardigan and bunny top are also favourites of mine! ♥ 
⬇⬇ This outfit has a sad story - it was the last shot I took with Coco before she left (on that same day). I had tried a completely different look with matching scarf/beanie but don't feel like wearing it lately. 
>.< The other outfit is the only Lolita outfit I've featured here and I wore it for International Lolita Day.
⬇⬇ Other random coords. I like them all XD'' but I specially love the butterfly tunic dress from Yumi. I really need to make an extra article to feature my beloved Yumi clothes! 
⬇⬇ Get ready for some face shots XD'' I just put them together because they were between my outfit shots and you can see how often I used the earmuffs. Don't mind the photo I took while taking a bath XD''
⬇⬇ Wow, you've made it through all photos! Congrats XD I guess you've seen my face enough this year - haha. The last two photos were taken on the same day, I was trying to see how much my hair style influences the "look". I was told that the bottom left photo looks more "mature" than the bottom right one. I'll still keep my bangs though!  Gotta love being mistaken for a 18 years old =P

Did you discover any "fashion scheme" (like favorite pieces but also combinations) you wear often?
What are your fashion schemes?