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3 years LAURITA.CH ~

On February 18th, so around a week ago, Laurita.ch quietly celebrated 3 years ❤ ~

I want to use this opportunity to thank all my friends for reading this blog! I know it  hasn't been easy because my publishing habits are very peculiar and I don't update often. I also gradually switched from a Lolita/Gyaru fashion-y blog to a more personal & Asia-travel-related blog most of the readers who came by because of the Jmags Scans slowly left me T_T''
I admit I don't want to upload random Jmags anymore and you can get them at many other websites but I swear I will still upload scans of my Gothic and Lolita bibles though! So please bear with me~ And I hope you still appreciate the Asian-related topics and if you have more suggestions - for God's sake please let me know! ^.^
By the way, the Secret Letters didn't die! I just skipped February 3rd because it was the day of my flight from Osaka and I was very busy around that date - look forward to my second letter on March 3rd! If you haven't signed up yet, please sign up here!

In the spirit of Chinese New Year  I  also changed the blog layout and go curious about my past layouts. So I put together most of the layouts I've been Laurita.ch has been using in the last 3 years.
Which one do you like best? 
❤ Which ones do you still remember?

It seems that I really like the heart background because I've been keeping it for a long time and just recently replaced it with the Chinese Character for "happiness". Another recurring theme is the Laurita.ch header title with me sitting on the L. I was told by several people that they liked it and I think it has become this blog's signature. All layouts are pretty colorful but the green background - pink blog combination seemed to be one of my favourites.... haha
I'm missing a yellow/gold theme or a dark one... I might create one someday!