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Winter Break 2013 ~

Phew!! As I'm writing this entry it's Sunday, the last day of my winter break and I've finally found time to spend some time for my beloved blog. How have you been these last 5 weeks? I've missed you all! 
Below are some of the recent main events I want to write about!
As I'm still preparing the entries I'll just leave you with a sneak peek of each. Hope you're looking forward to reading all these articles and I really wish to now what you've been up to in January and February. ~ 

3 weeks in Japan
As you all know from my last entry I spent 3 weeks in Osaka and visited nearby cities. In the beginning Tao Meng from OGU's international center said that these 3 weeks would be life-changing and I just smiled mildly. After coming back I can say - they have really been life-changing for me! Travelling to another country 'alone', having to start from 0 making friends in a completely strange country with people and a language I used to be afraid of made me think a lot. I want to share more about what went through my head in another entry. Let's just say that I made a lot of experiences and brought over 3000 (!) photos home... you can look forward to them! ~

New job @ Dataquest
After looking for a job for nearly 3 months in 2012, a first rejection and then an unexpected new spot to fill I finally signed my contract in January and immediately after coming back from Japan started my new part-time job at Dataquest, a Swiss Premium Apple Reseller. ~ 

Chinese New Year
The Year of the Snake started 1 week ago, how did you celebrate it? I spend 2 days working on our new 倒福 sign featuring a Snake. This year will be life-changing and super exciting for me. I'm looking forward to all changes that are about to come! ~ 

Remembering Lichuan filming in Zurich
As a long-term fan of Asian TV dramas I was thrilled when I found out that there would be a Chinese TV Drama featuring some scenes in Switzerland and that a Chinese film crew would be coming to Zurich. Through some coincidence we not only found the film crew and stars, we were also able to interact with them and become their devoted fans! ~ 

My (hopefully) last university term is starting tomorrow and I'll be so, so, so busy studying, working, writing papers and trying to enjoy every moment while building my own sparkling future. ~ 
Let's all give our best! ~ FIGHTING!!