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Recent Thoughts & Korea Plans ~

As I had already announced this year would be very Asian... and now I can proudly announce that I'll be spending 10 weeks taking Korean Classes in Seoul at Yonsei KLI (Korean Language Institute) this summer! (I'll write about this in more detail later.) I'm specially proud about this because I'd been thinking about doing this since last year's ...spring, maybe? Then in the meantime I (pretty spontaneously) was lucky enough to be able to go to Japan for 3 weeks (thanks to my sponsor/mother) but I had never given up this Korea project and I wanted to earn all the money and do the planning myself.

For me this is not just one of my biggest motivations (yes, I've been quite depressed and not just lately) but also a personal test: Despite being for only 3 months and as a student - it might give me an idea if I can imagine living in Korea in the future. The last few years I had been confident that I would go back and live in China for a few years but recently Korea has become my number one choice - unfortunately I haven't got the language skills (yet?) and that's a big minus... for now. The third reason is the 'self-realization' aspect: I had wanted to do this for a long time and my experience in Japan already showed me that I can make friends and adapt quickly to a new environment. I've been feeling bad about myself for a long time - mostly due to school and also personal problems - and I really need this challenge / fresh air to get more self esteem. 

Ok, this post isn't intended to be depressive so let's leave it like this. Anyway…
in less than 2 months I will be in Korea! (*≧▽≦) ~ ♪