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First week in Seoul ~

As I'm writing this entry I am sitting at my small desk eating a dosirak (Korean bento) that I just bought after class and I'm pleased to say that I've successfully survived my first week here in Seoul.
In this first week I've seen and done lots of things.  I've eaten lots of yummy Korean food (Bibimbap! Bibim guksu! Sashimi!) but also Japanese and Thai food. I've ridden the subway all alone (& gotten a bit lost), opened a Korean bank account, gone to the hospital and walked hours and hours and hours...
I've visited the Gyeongbokgung area, Ehwa area, Sinchon area, Dongdaemun area. I don't even know how I should start sharing everything I've experienced so I put together some snippets to give you an impression of what I've seen so far.
I love the colorful signs in Hangul, it looks like a decoration though they are just simple advertisements or other placards.  This delicate stone flower wall can be found at the main entrance of Ewha Women's University.  Cute fashion stores at Ewha shopping area.  Amazing building at Gyeongbokgung with stone guardian.  The street leading to the main entrance of Yonsei University.

① Nice 'shopping town' entrance sign at Dongdaemun.  ② These beautiful Hanbok are quite eye-catching; I hope to be able to wear one someday.  ③ Super love this photo I took inside Gyeongbokgung. It has a romantic feel to it.  ④ Our colorful and yummy (and cheap!) Bibimbap.  ⑤ Couples everywhere at Cheonggyecheon.

Since I've slowly settled down a bit (and the LAN connection in my room is finally working) I will update more often, so stop by for more Seoul stories! ♥