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Fourth week in Seoul ~

Today is July 20th and I still can't believe it, but I've already lived in Seoul for 1 month. I've gotten used to living in the shared room at the dormitory and class routine. But sometimes - specially when I walk out of the campus listening to Korean music and looking around I have like a sudden realization that I am in fact  and right now, living in Korea. I am completely content with my life here and I wish time could stand still. 

There are still so many places to discover, food to eat, people to meet, adventures to live. I'm trying to understand the hustle and bustle of this city and the joys and sorrows of its people. Next week we have mid-term exams so I'll be busy preparing for them. I love studying this language so much and despite its similarity to Japanese grammar to me it seems easier to learn... or maybe I'm just too much into it? Watching TV dramas and listening to Korean music all the time I kind of got a feeling for the language I still haven't achieved after 2 years of Japanese studies... *sighs*

 The beautiful sight from Seoul N Tower observatory.  ② Found these in a stationary store at Ewha. The middle one represents me really well - so I bought it.  ③ Aren't these decorations at Changdokgung palace precious?.

 I love this stone wall decoration, seen at Anguk Station.  ② This was on a huge mirror next to a coffee shop. Remember it:  Be Good to yourself ③ Gwanghwamun in the evening... super romantic!

Also, although I'm supposed to have LAN connection in my dorm room the connection keeps shutting down... 짜증나.  
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Third week in Seoul ~

My third week in Korea has been like a roller-coaster ride. I've had super boring days at my dormitory but also explored a new city and spent hours under the pouring rain and gotten sick because of it. I also missed 2 day's class and had to quickly catch up with the grammar.

Often after school I go back home and take a nap (blame my 5h sleeping during the night) and then venture out in the evening for dinner or light shopping. But this week I was lucky to be able to watch a traditional Korean musical called Miso (more about it in a another post!) and dressing up in a traditional Korean wedding outfit. Plus this week(end) I had several meetups with friends, I went to Bukchon Hanok area for an all-day 'Photography date' and next day to Incheon for sight-seeing and meeting my friend's parents. Then I had another all-day hangout at Seoul N Tower. Every day was filled with impressions and hundreds of photos... and I was really, really tired. =)

 Class time! Love how our teacher (who also speaks English, Japanese, Chinese) adds the Chinese translation.  ② Kitchy mess at Myeongdong.  ③ Central Park 2 area in Songdo (Incheon). Foggy day increased the creepiness.

 One of my favourite photos of the Bukchon Hanok area where you can see both modern and traditional buildings.  ② Eating Jjajangmyeon at the place where it was (supposedly) originally invented.  ③ Beautiful flowers around Chongdong Theatre area where I watched Miso.

 Unfortunately I visited Incheon on a very rainy day - Pagoda at Jayu Park.  ② Uber cute Teddy bear museum (this time I didn't fail to visit the "modern" part , last time I only visited the "historical" part).  ③ Korean National Flower - Mugunghwa - in all its beauty.

This week has many highlights:  Miso Musical, Bukchon Hanok, Incheon, Seoul N Tower.  
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Second week in Seoul ~

The second week marked my slowly becoming comfortable with the Seoul subway system and my  university's surroundings (Ewha campus = ). I started getting lazy in the evening and buying more and more dosiraks. I also started making and meeting new friends from the internet, eating and visiting interesting places in Seoul together.

I went shopping and met up with some of my Korean friends I had made in Japan. Also our classmates managed to have a get-together, dinner, a short visit at a Bar and then Purikura - it was fun! There is still lots to see around here, I actually use a Seoul Tourism pamphlet book to  the tourist attractions I've already visited.

 Huge instant-noodles segment at convenience store.  Short hang-out at Ho-Bar with our classmates.  ③ Huge (traditionally) Kimchi pots outside of a hanok (Traditional Korean house)

 Entrance of some exhibition hall around Insadong.   ② Romantic night street view. ③ Decoration on the floor - an old map of Seoul.

 Traditional Korean food (many small side dishes) I was able to try at Samcheong-dong.   ② One of the 3 (?) Hello Kitty cafes I've spotted so far - super cute! I should visit someday.  ③ Beautfiul traditional figures, seen at Insadong.

Many of the places I visited (Insadong, Trick Eye Museum, Samcheong-dong) deserve an own entry with tons of photos - I'm working on it! 
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