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Eighth week in Seoul ~

This week has been my turnaround week. After our trip to Jejudo which I consider the climax of my Korea stay because it was the biggest and most anticipated trip I started to feel how fast time has been passing. Everything had to be done quickly '빨리 빨리': Last-minute meet ups, mini-trips, planning possible activities. Suddently I didn't have all the time of the world anymore. So I stopped trying to make new Korean acquaintances online and focused on the ones I already knew instead. 

Still, this week offered quite a few highlights: I finally reunited with the Soonchunhyang girls I'd first met in Japan (love ya crazy gals ) and we had quite a lot of fun goofing around Namsangol Hanok Village, Myeongdong and ItaewonI was also kept busy writing a small paper (& memorizing it and presenting it in front of the class) as 10% part of our Malhagi (speech) exam. The topic was Korea 'something', so I chose to write about Korean friends. I introduced 2 of my dearest friends, one I had met 6 years ago in China and one I have met 7 months ago in Japan. 

 Harbangs @ Bukchon Dol Harbang Park.  Pictures of my 2 Korean friends I drew for my paper presentation.  ③ Gisaengs entertaining, Korea National Museum.

August 15th was Liberation Day (from Japan in 1945) and a public holiday. Since museum entries are free on that day my friend suggested we go to Korea National Museum. So I spent the free day roaming around and marveling at historical Korean artifacts. It was quite a funny experience because hundreds of families chose that free-museum-entry holiday for a cozy family trip, so the museum was full of families and children running around. It felt less a museum and more like a entertainment park.
Another super interesting experience (quite the opposite of the museum) was my visit to Seoul Comic World. It's a monthly exhibition of Comic/Manga-related fanart and Cosplay culture. I went there with some classmates and let my inner Otaku out! Though I have to admit I didn't buy many Anime-related stuff, mostly cute original art and some Pokemon fan art. (yes, I admit, I still adore Pokemon T_T)

 My favourite Cosplayer at Seoul Comic World Beautiful entrance of Korea National Museum. ③ Oldschool style Purikura in Myeongdong with SCH girls.