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Ninth week in Seoul ~

<rant on> Ah... my Korea stay is slowly ending and I can't even enjoy it to the fullest because of the upcoming upcoming final exams. Also my body has slowly started to surrender to the daily humidity and heat, I keep feeling fatigued, no matter how long I sleep... so I guess I'm ready to go home. These last few days the temperature and humidity have slowly started to decrease but for my poor body it's already too late... Note to myself: Don't visit Asia in July-August....</ rant off>

Because of the fatigue and studies I wasted most of this week at the dormitory or around Sinchon area. Luckily I could compensate it with small adventures on Friday and Saturday. These two days have been a blast! I danced through Namsangol Hanok Village wearing a Hanbok and strolled along the woods of Nami Island, counting the stars and lighting sparklers. 

 A street artist in Hongdae  ② My hair is dark again! Ignore the cat-makeup. XD''  ③ Seoul by night, a romantic view from N Seoul Tower.

 Just me, ehm, dancing in a Hanbok...  ② The cute  ferry to Nami Island. ③ Romantic lights and the beautiful trees on Nami Island.

 I don't want to leave Korea! ㅠ_ㅠ