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Revival ~

I'm back! It's been pretty much 3 months since I last wrote something and it's true that after leaving this blog for such long time it's hard to find a nonchalant way to restart it. Anyway, here I am with lots of upcoming articles for 2013. I want to focus on mainly Korea-related topics and will post every second day until the end of this year (sounds like a lot but it's only ~9 articles).
To celebrate the Revival of Laurita (we'll see what this blog might evolve into next year, I am still thinking about how to change the concept) and also as some kind of yearly Blog Tradition I've prepared something:
I'll host a Korean Planner giveaway.
Visit me this friday (13.12.13) for more information. I'll leave you with a cute pic of my cat Levi. 
Thanks for bearing with me all these months~ m(_ _)m

How has everyone been doing these 3 months?