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Happy Horse Year ~

For the first since she returned from her long Japan Trip I met up with Nekochan. We had thought about the possibility of cooking together and coincidentally our meet up just fell lunar New Year's eve. I just realized it the very day itself so I hurriedly prepared my yearly 倒福 sign to post on the door. Today marks the start of the Green Wooden Horse so I decorated the sign accordingly.

I proposed making gyoza/jiaozi/mandu because it's one of the traditional food prepared in China during Lunar New Year. Nekochan was a bit skeptical about the expense of making them but I was able to convince her since I'd already prepared Kimchi mandu a while ago. So we bought groceries in our local Asia store, mixed all the ingredients and started making our own gyoza.

The gyoza making turned to be an entertaining activity because we kept telling each other funny stories. Although we had two packages of Gyoza skin we used them all and ended up making some cabbage rolls too. After cooking we proudly declared our creations as delicious, even Nekochan's bf said they were great. Super proud!

After cooking we went on a huge camwhoring session but since that part is very, very image heavy (yup, we were enjoying ourselves) I'll reserve it for a separate entry...
My Korean friends seem to be puzzled by the reversed luck sign, I kept explaining that I am not a Chinese character noob but that it's Chinese custom to hang up the reversed luck (倒福) sign as a wish for luck to come (到福). For those who aren't convinced yet, in Korean it's called 도복 and in Japanese とうふく. Google it! =P
Wishing everyone a prosperous new year! 
Hope all your wishes come true~