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Honmei chocolate, Books and Starbucks creativity ~

Homemade chocolate
Do you know that in Asia it's a popular custom on Valentine's Day for women to gift chocolate to their beloved ones? In Japan there are two kinds of Valentine Day's chocolate, the Honmei Choco (本命チョコ) and Giri choco (義理チョコ). One is the "true feelings" (and often homemade or expensive) chocolate for a significant other/crush and the other one is the "obligation" (cheaper) chocolate which is given to co-worker etc as a courtesy.
February has been a sweet month until now. Nekochan and I tried making our own pre-Valentine Day chocolate. I have a long tradition of making Valentine Day's chocolate for (one-sided) crushes or my whole (uni) class or beloved ones. I know it might seem like an idealistic thing to do, but I believe we change our surrounding with our actions. So spreading a bit of joy and romanticism around Valentine's Day instead of only expecting gifts (as a woman)  seems like a nice thing to do for me. Unfortunately, Nekochan and I were not as diligent as in our last Gyoza cooking session. So 1/3 of the chocolate was made by her bf while we were chit-chatting. Still, isn't our homemade chocolate lovely?

Brocki safari
My mother and I visited a local Brockenhaus (secondhand shop) and I spent hours browsing the book shelves and uncovering lots of gems... Do you understand or even share the joy of being surrounded by books? I sat down and flipped through books who already have a history or even a dedication on their first page... it's an amazing feeling. I sat down and flipped through books who already have a history or even s and ended up buying lots. 
Can you see all the books next to lazy Levi? Most of them are my new gets from the secondhand shop. It's true... "show me your books and I'll know your hobbies". Most of my books were psychology, self-help, Zen philosophy and some Asia-related books. I thought about my introduction as a "Swiss girl with a special interest in East Asia and Psychology" - spot on! haha

Starbucks event
Yesterday Nekochan and I were invited to a lovely Starbucks event. They introduced the Starbucks Reusable Cups and invited us to add a unique touch to our own. So together with an amazing Starbucks artist called Karolina we got creative and decorated a few cups while chit-chatting with other bloggers and trying a new delicious new coffee blend called Verona, which is pretty dark and amazing if enjoyed with chocolate (brownies). <3

Nekochan tried a Matcha Latte and I got my favorite Caramel Macchiato and then we started drawing on our cups. I drew some Manga babes and then went onto making some special requests (A bearded man for Glenn and a Manga-self for Tabea). Drawing on the cups is harder than it looks! 
Thanks Starbucks for the nice evening and Tabea & HedrikeGlennMi-Ji, Valeria, Nicole and Shirley for the nice chats, hope to see you all again next time! ^_^

. . .
Actually today I inaugurated my unique Starbucks Reusable Cup and the staff at Starbucks was super amazed and it got lots of compliments. Well, it's not only environment friendly but also an eye-catcher for sure! ~