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Woodenfish China 2014 ~

So...what have I been up to until now? Nothing much, really. I am busy with university courses (Japanese and Psychology), teacher training and teaching (free) German classes. I'm also putting together all documents for my application at Yonsei university in Korea. Plus I've started reading many books about Zen Buddhism, mainly Thich Nhat Hanh and D.T. Suzuki's works. These days I try to live in a more mindful way, which means that I try to enjoy the present and not overshadow certain moments with worries about the future or memories from the past. 

Today I received the confirmation so I can finally announce other cool news:
This summer I will spend 1 month in a Chinese Buddhist Temple.

The Woodenfish Project or Humanistic Buddhist Monastic Life Program as it is called, offers the opportunity to live in a buddhist temple, attend lectures about Buddhism and experience various cultural aspects of traditional Chinese arts. It also includes seven-day silent meditation retreat and a cultural tour to Wutai Shan, one of the 4 Sacred Mountains in Chinese Buddhism.

I'm super looking forward to this unique experience and hope it will feed me both intellectually and spiritually. It also seems to be at a great timing, right after graduation and before my fresh new start in Korea.

The application is still open until the end of April so if you're interested, check their site for more information: http://www.woodenfish.org/