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Last month in Switzerland ~

Fear, uncertainty and discomfort are your compasses towards growth. 
~Celestine Chua

My last month in Switzerland has started. I nearly can't believe it since I still have so much to get done before leaving. Exams, Papers, Work, Packing, Selling stuff, seems like there is no time for mental preparation. Also, many important things aren't even certain yet. I still have to write my finals and no idea if I'll be able to graduate. Although I just applied to Yonsei GSIS I don't know if I'm accepted yet. Because of that, I haven't organized any place to stay in Korea. Not even mentioning the money issues... but I'm going with the flow. Whatever happens, I have a one-way ticket to Korea. 
Uncertainty is ruling my life now. Renovations are being done in our apartment. That means no kitchen and bathroom and no privacy. Well, at least I can still crash on my sofa (bed) at night, surrounded by by clutter that I will have to sort into 1) packing and taking to Korea 2) packing and putting aside to be sent later 3) giving/selling away 4) maybe...leaving at my mom's house without knowing if I'll ever see it again.
I'm totally stressed out and excited at the same time. Just one more month.