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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival ~

Today is a very important holiday in East Asia, namely the Mid-Autumn Festival or Asian Thanksgiving! It's celebrated (albeit in different ways) in China, Korea, Vietnam and even Japan and bears different levels of importance in each cultural circle.

To honor the differences and similarities between the Chinese and Korean way to celebrate I played around with Adobe Illustrator (yes, it's been a while, remember my last attempt?) and created these similar-yet-different looking young ladies. Remember, the left one is China while the right one is Korea. 

I purposely kept their look and clothing color the same to emphasize a feeling of similarity. The Chinese girl is wearing a 嫦娥 (the Chinese moon fairy which is also celebrated today) inspired Han/fairy-outfit while the Korean girl is wearing a typical Hanbok.

If you're wondering about the food... Chinese eat 月饼 (Moon Cakes) and Korean eat 송편 (Rice Cakes) so I featured both. Aren't they cute? While I was working on this illustration I was eating the 송편 our Ahjumma gave to each Gos hiwon resident, so nice of her.
Here are also the matching holiday cards, feel free to use them~

 Did you notice the Rabbit on the moon?