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2014 - A quick review ~

This year was amazing. 
A roller coaster of feelings, travel and new experiences. And lots of growth.

Travel-wise it might have been my best year yet. Not only was I able to visit China, Korea and Japan in the short span of 6 months, I got the opportunity to do many minitrips within these countries. (Also worth mentioning: The hilarious family trip to Amsterdam earlier this year.)

Feelings... Falling in love through the net, chatting for hours, rejection, uncertainty, fights, understanding, romance ...quite an adventure! But through my faith I started to believe in 운명 (fate) and I learned to regulate heartache through into-love-tuning and am growing as a human.

As for the Body... I practiced detaching from bodily sensations and endured physical pain during sitting meditation which led to an incredible trance-like experience.

Here a small list of experiences/achievements in 2014:

☑ Celebrating New Year with a bunch of Lolitas
☑ Debut as a language teacher
☑ NLP Diploma course including activities such as spoon bending
☑ Magic fairytale-like experience in Amsterdam
☑ Adobe Illustrator crash-course

☑ Couchhosting and Couchsurfing for the first time!
☑ Monastic life in China, learning Gongfu
☑ Going from meditation newbie to 7hours-a-day meditation sessions
☑ "Three steps one bow" pilgrimage to Wutaishan

☑ Reverse-culture shock in Korea, Living in a HostelGosiwon and finally Livingtel
☑ Minitrips (Andong, Jeonju) and Hanokstay with Gu
☑ Successfully finishing beginner level Korean at KLI
☑ Guiding mother and brother around Seoul/Busan
☑ Hiking trip to Seoraksan with Gu

☑ First boat trip alone for Visatrip to Tsushima
☑ First overnight boat trip to Fukuoka with Gu
☑ Enjoying Pre-Christmas Season in Busan alone
☑ Christmas: Discovering Gu's city Ulsan and Gyeongju

Tomorrow I'm off for another new experience: ~~~ヾ(^∇^)♪

  Welcoming 2015 in a Won-Buddhism Meditation Center Winter Retreat.

. . .

How was your 2014?